Etsy Shop Focus

I thought I would take a minute today to let you know about one of my new favorite Etsy shops- Meadow Mist Designs. This shop is run by Cheryl Brickey, who just happens to be the newest member of our Greenville chapter of the Modern Quilt Guild. I have been wanting a cute pincushion for a while, but have had too much going on to make one myself. At our last GMQG meeting, Cheryl happened to mention she sold them on etsy. I immediately checked out her shop and was so happy with what I found that it took me a week to decide on what I wanted. Look at some of her shop goodies!

Source: via Brooke on Pinterest

Source: via Brooke on Pinterest


In the end, I contacted Cheryl directly to ask for a pincushion with all Lotta Jansdotter fabrics. She put together the perfect pairing of fabrics and also made me a needle book and a thread catcher. Look at how cute they are! Excuse the fact that I took this picture in a poorly lighted room…We all like instagram pics every once in a while, right? ๐Ÿ™‚

She doesn’t have the needle book or thread catcher up on her shop but I’m sure if you asked nicely, she might be willing to start selling those too! ๐Ÿ™‚ This is not a paid endorsement in any way. I just love finding new etsy shops that are affordable and have good craftsmanship, and I thought you might also appreciate the knowledge!


KCWC Fall 2012 Day 5

Today’s update isn’t anything grand and glorious.I used up so much energy the beginning of the week that, honestly, I was kinda burnt out to sew today. But then I read Meg’s encouragement to push through and I saw that we made it to her front page (yay :)) so I pushed through and worked on some craft fair projects today- still counts as kid’s clothes even if it’s not for mine, right? I was able to get 6 onesies appliqued today. I still have to sew around the appliques but the hard work of cutting them out andย  fusing to the onesies is finished . Yay for some of my to-do list out of the way! Especially since I only have 3 weeks till my first show! I used some Christmas fabric that I picked up last weekend in preparation for this week as the bow tie appliques. My thoughts are that these will make great outfits for little boys’ special Christmas events.

We are headed out of town this afternoon for our church retreat, so I won’t be able to participate tomorrow. But I want to participate on Sunday and get all these onesies sewn up. I’ll be back Sunday night or Monday morning with my final update and KCWC wrap up.

This Weekend- and An Announcement of Things to Come

About time for another weekend update around here, isn’t it? I find that I am much more efficient with my weekend time management when I throw my to-do list out for the blogosphere to read. ๐Ÿ™‚

Friday night I finished up some baby gifts for a shower this weekend. I have another shower coming up in 2 weeks and will share all my creations then so as not to tip the second shower recipient off to her gifts since I know she does read my blog on occasion. ๐Ÿ™‚ I am really happy with how those projects are turning out!

I spent the majority of this Saturday cleaning up my craft room. The crazy storm of PRP had caused a chaotic mess to form in my usually neat and tidy space. Oh who are we kidding here, it never stays neat and tidy for long! I get it all nice and squeaky clean every few weeks and then get into a project and mess it all up again- the nature of the beast, I’m going to assume. With KCWC and PRP both occurring next week, I wanted everything to be super organized and neat to enable me to get lots done.

I have my fabric and patterns set out for KCWC and am hoping for great things! My final list is: Charlie tunic, Green cords, 4 Raglan Tees, and as many appliqued onesies as I can produce- hopefully 10. That leads me to my big announcement- I am in 2 craft fairs the next 2 months! The first is the GCA’s Fall Festival and Holiday Market on November 3rd here in Greenville (only 4 weeks away- yikes!) The second is The Crafty Feast on December 15th in Columbia, SC. While I am super stoked to be trying my hand at these fairs for the first time, I have quite a bit of work to do in order to be ready for them. Thankfully this first one is a smaller affair, so I am viewing it as a practice to see what will sell well for the larger show. I laid my plans this weekend for the merchandise I want to have ready and mapped out a sewing schedule for the next few weeks in order to get it all done. I am determined not to stress about it and just have fun- I will keep you posted on how that goes. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope to see some of you there at the shows!

My goal for the rest of the weekend is to get some fun family time in, organize my creating space a bit more, and maybe even start cutting into the Charlie Tunic. Do you have any fun plans for this weekend? I linked up here for Sew & Tell Saturday…go visit and see what other cool things are linked up!

And since a blog post without pictures is just so boring, I leave you with a picture from our apple orchard adventure last night- a favorite family tradition! Notice the two handmades- a Tova top and the Raglan Tee. ๐Ÿ™‚

Etsy Shop Update!

I try not to do too much sales pitching on the blog for my etsy shop, but I have been so busy the last few days cooking up new ideas that I couldn’t help but share them with you. I tell you, Indie Craft Parade just really gets my creative juices flowing! ๐Ÿ™‚

I am sure you have noticed that mustaches seem to be a big theme nowadays. I haveย  sold a bunch of mustache hoops and have been wanting to try something out with the onesies. I picked up a bunch of newborn onesies this weekend and went to town. I absolutely love the result! They turned out so cute, if I do say so myself. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I also experimented with some more suspender/bowtie combos and chunky ties. I am working on getting more fall colors/styles in stock since summer weather is fading quickly. I have visions of pumpkins, candy corn and other seasonal designs that I hope will come to fruition soon also!

I also worked on some more hoop ideas. I have been stuck in a rut with ideas and just re-listing the same old ones after they sell without getting new ideas. I came up with a few new designs yesterday and today and like how the work together both individually and as a collage. Almost wishing I could hang these up in Oliver’s room because I like them so much!

Feel free to check out the shop to see all the other fun stuff that I have had fun designing over the last few days! Also if you have any brilliant ideas for new hoop or onesie designs, please comment and let me know. I am always in need of fresh ideas!

The Creative Process

I thought that I would show you a little behind-the-scenes tour of my etsy shop and the creation of my embroidery hoop art. This past week I received a custom order for 3 hoops.

The client wanted to buy this red and blue striped balloon hoop shown above that I had listed in my shop and asked if I could make 2 more hoops in varying sizes to coordinate with her nursery colors. She sent me a picture of her fabric swatches for the nursery.

fabric swatches

We communicated back and forth about hoop sizes and design and settled on a 8″ and 10″ hoop. The 8″ hoop would have one balloon with grass and clouds, and the 10″ hoop would have a group of balloons in the clouds- with at least one balloon far back in the picture. I sketched out a quick picture of each on a sheet of paper placed under each hoop for sizing guide.

After determining what type of hoops I would design, my next step was to decide on fabrics. I needed to coordinate her swatches with the hoop she had already bought. I pulled to some coordinating fabrics to see which would work best.

I struggled a bit on my final fabric choices. I thought my hoop was a bit off in color from her fabric swatches (red instead of burgundy) so I needed to make all three mesh nicely while not clashing with her colors. After some trial and error, I picked out some stripes and chevrons that I thought would mirror her theme well. Then came the cutting out of the balloons, grass, and clouds (using templates I had made previously); applying the fusible webbing to the fabric and felt; and ironing the web-backed fabric to the background fabric. My last step in this process was to machine stitch around all the designs in order to ensure their durability.

Now to back the hoop with a second piece of background fabric for a nice clean-looking back and, voila, a finished set of 3 hoops, custom designed for a little boy’s nursery. I hope he and his mommy are very happy with their new art!

Zippered Wet Bags

I received another commission last week for more wet bags for cloth diapers. This client wanted zippered pouches. I have to admit, I most definitely like the drawstring bags better than the zippered ones. I just do not enjoy putting zippers in. However, I am happy for work: more jobs= more fabric money. ๐Ÿ™‚ The first bag is a small 13×16 inch perfect for the diaper bag. The second one is a large 17×21 inch bag meant to be used in the house as a wet pail. Everyone seems to have a tutorial for zipper pouches and I have read many of them and come up with my own way to make them- kinda compiling all that I have read. I did use this tutorial to do the covered zipper ends. I have never done that before and I like how clean it makes the zipper look. I am pretty pleased with how my business both on etsy and thru word-of-mouth is building up and I hope to have some time in the next few weeks to make some more inventory to share with a few different sources. First, I need to stop making these Washi dresses! I can’t wait share my purple shot cotton one with you next week!

Hanging Wet Bag for Cloth Diapers

Remember a while back when Iย  blogged about a wet bag I made for a baby shower? Well the same friend commissioned me to make a hanging wet bag for the bathroom. Because this bag will hang in the bathroom, she decided that a drawstring bag would be nice instead of a zippered bag. I bought Jeni’s pattern for drawstring bags in order to have easy instructions at hand and save myself the trouble of doing any math. It was fun to get to play around with girl fabrics for a change. The bag is lined with PUL to make it waterproof. If you have never worked with PUL and want to make a bag like this, one tip I would offer is to try to keep the PUL fabric on the bottom (next to the feed dogs) while you are sewing because it is quite slippery and can be a bit of a pain otherwise.

I made the laundry size bag Jeni offers in her pattern with the change of shortening the length from 26 inches to 20. Jeni’s instructions are so great that this bag came together very quickly.ย  If you need to make some drawstring bags, I highly recommend buying Jeni’s pattern. It is very reasonably priced and includes x-small to x-large sizes. She also gives you license to sell with the pattern purchase. I can’t wait to find a reason to make another one. ๐Ÿ™‚ย  Hmm, I still haven’t made a wet bag for my bathroom which is the reason I bought the PUL in the first place. LOL.

For picture purposes, I put 7 of Oliver’s cloth diapers in the bag. I would say that this bag can comfortably hold between 15-20 cloth diapers.

This Weekend

It’s been a pretty crazy week over here on the home-front. We had family here for a week and have been super busy cleaning up from that and getting things ready for our big anniversary trip to New York City next week. Whee!!! So excited about it!

Any-who, in my little spare time, I have been so busy filling up my etsy shop with lovelies that I haven’t had much time to sew for myself, but I have fabric waiting for a Tova Top that I really want to bring on our trip so I will try to finish that before Thursday. I had been focusing on embroidery hoop art for a few weeks and decided to work on some onesies this past week to give my shop some variety. I used some of the fabric that I picked up at Whipstitch (business expense ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) and am loving my new creations! I have a few basic designs that I am fine-tuning: vests with ties or bow ties, fat ties, and suspenders with skinny ties or bow ties. Check out the mini houndstooth print I found- so perfect for the suspenders and vests! It’s so silky soft too that it is super nice for baby garments.

I was just commissioned to make a cloth diaper hanging wet bag for a friends and am trying to find the perfect fabric for her and her little girl. I am making something similar to Jeni’s lined drawstring bag here: except I will line the bag in PUL fabric to make it suitable for cloth diapers. I went ahead and bought Jeni’s pattern because she gives you a license to sell and that way I don’t have to do the math by myself- so worth it if someone else has already done math for me! I am excited to see how it turns out and will be sure to show you. I would like to finish it before my trip also so I am sure to be quite busy the next few days!

Last item to update you on. Greenville now has a branch of the Modern Quilt Guild! We had an introductory meeting today with a few people and are planning on meeting the second or third Friday of each month. I volunteered to take over the blog site and will be updating it as we find out more information. I have wanted to have one of these for a while and am quite pumped that it is beginning. Check out the website if you want more details- there’s not much there now but will be soon. I cannot wait to meet like-minded quilters and crafters in my town. If you are local, we would love to see you at our meetings, even if you are a novice quilter!

This Weekend

I always enjoy seeing a summary of other’s weekends and the random assortment of craftiness they have accomplished so I thought I would begin a series of weekend posts updating on the miscellaneous crafts/fun times that aren’t enough for a blog post in themselves.

Most of the pics will be instagram because that is how I roll these days…are you loving this app as much as I am?

First off, ย I worked on my quilt top some more this weekend. I really wanted to get more of it finished but began having some bobbin issues late Saturday evening and that was my cue to put it down for a bit. Right now I have almost 5 of the 9 blocks quilted! I am doing each block a different style of quilting to further the sampler quilt idea and give me more practice with free motion quilting. I was practicing with loops Saturday.

I worked on some more hoops for the etsy shop…having fun coming up with different ideas! It is teaching me tons about photography, marketing, and creativity and I really enjoy it. I am determined to keep this etsy experience fun and not drudgery so I am moving somewhat slowly but enjoying every minute of it! I have had some good views and favorites this past week and hoping they will move into some more sales soon!

I have had a purse planned out for several weeks now that I haven’t had time to get to and I decided this afternoon that I would work during the boys’ naps. I really wanted to finish it today, and I didn’t quite make it but I don’t think it will take me too much longer. Here’s a pic of my progress so far. I will blog about the purse and pattern I used when I finish. So far it is shaping up exactly how I envisioned which is super exciting for me!

And finally, not at all sewing related, we picked up my little brother from the airport today after his summer at a camp in California and I can’t resist sharing the super cute pic of the little man giving Uncle Alex a big hug!

Ta-ta for now. Hope your weekend was full of fun, family, and a bit of craftiness as well. ๐Ÿ™‚

Grand Opening!

Just a quick post to tell you that the etsy shop is now open! See that new widget button to the right of this post with an E on it? That’s the link to my shop. I set up shop yesterday posting some of my hoop art and appliqued onesies, and I have already had my first sale! So pumped about this. I hope to continue to refine my shop over the next few weeks to increase its popularity but I feel that I am off to a good start. Wish me luck and feel free to pop over and take a look around. ๐Ÿ™‚ I haven’t posted a ton yet because I know you are only supposed to post a few items at a time to increase views so I will be adding more items to the shop over the next few days. This is a step out for me and I look forward to see where it goes!