Zippered Wet Bags

I received another commission last week for more wet bags for cloth diapers. This client wanted zippered pouches. I have to admit, I most definitely like the drawstring bags better than the zippered ones. I just do not enjoy putting zippers in. However, I am happy for work: more jobs= more fabric money. 🙂 The first bag is a small 13×16 inch perfect for the diaper bag. The second one is a large 17×21 inch bag meant to be used in the house as a wet pail. Everyone seems to have a tutorial for zipper pouches and I have read many of them and come up with my own way to make them- kinda compiling all that I have read. I did use this tutorial to do the covered zipper ends. I have never done that before and I like how clean it makes the zipper look. I am pretty pleased with how my business both on etsy and thru word-of-mouth is building up and I hope to have some time in the next few weeks to make some more inventory to share with a few different sources. First, I need to stop making these Washi dresses! I can’t wait share my purple shot cotton one with you next week!


Hanging Wet Bag for Cloth Diapers

Remember a while back when I  blogged about a wet bag I made for a baby shower? Well the same friend commissioned me to make a hanging wet bag for the bathroom. Because this bag will hang in the bathroom, she decided that a drawstring bag would be nice instead of a zippered bag. I bought Jeni’s pattern for drawstring bags in order to have easy instructions at hand and save myself the trouble of doing any math. It was fun to get to play around with girl fabrics for a change. The bag is lined with PUL to make it waterproof. If you have never worked with PUL and want to make a bag like this, one tip I would offer is to try to keep the PUL fabric on the bottom (next to the feed dogs) while you are sewing because it is quite slippery and can be a bit of a pain otherwise.

I made the laundry size bag Jeni offers in her pattern with the change of shortening the length from 26 inches to 20. Jeni’s instructions are so great that this bag came together very quickly.  If you need to make some drawstring bags, I highly recommend buying Jeni’s pattern. It is very reasonably priced and includes x-small to x-large sizes. She also gives you license to sell with the pattern purchase. I can’t wait to find a reason to make another one. 🙂  Hmm, I still haven’t made a wet bag for my bathroom which is the reason I bought the PUL in the first place. LOL.

For picture purposes, I put 7 of Oliver’s cloth diapers in the bag. I would say that this bag can comfortably hold between 15-20 cloth diapers.