Zippered Wet Bags

I received another commission last week for more wet bags for cloth diapers. This client wanted zippered pouches. I have to admit, I most definitely like the drawstring bags better than the zippered ones. I just do not enjoy putting zippers in. However, I am happy for work: more jobs= more fabric money. 🙂 The first bag is a small 13×16 inch perfect for the diaper bag. The second one is a large 17×21 inch bag meant to be used in the house as a wet pail. Everyone seems to have a tutorial for zipper pouches and I have read many of them and come up with my own way to make them- kinda compiling all that I have read. I did use this tutorial to do the covered zipper ends. I have never done that before and I like how clean it makes the zipper look. I am pretty pleased with how my business both on etsy and thru word-of-mouth is building up and I hope to have some time in the next few weeks to make some more inventory to share with a few different sources. First, I need to stop making these Washi dresses! I can’t wait share my purple shot cotton one with you next week!


A Wet Bag for Oliver

You know the saying about the cobbler’s children running barefoot? Well that happens to be the case in our house quite often as well. I bought some PUL fabric months ago and planned to make Oliver some wet bags for his diaper pail liner and (up till now) had yet to do it. BUT my recent commission for a hanging wet bag put me on a roll, and I whipped one up for Oliver this week. This bag hangs in our laundry room and collects all the diapers until wash time. I like this method better than what we were doing (laundry basket collecting diapers till wash) because it is super easy to throw the bag into the wash with the diapers and all get cleaned at the same time. Ideally, I think I need two so one can be in the wash and one can be in use, but one thing at a time, please. 🙂

I made this bag in the same dimensions I made the previous one (roughly 17×21), and I love the size of it. I also love that it is drawstring so no zippers! If you know me, you also know that I am a big Dr. Seuss fan so this bag makes me happy just looking at it. 🙂 I bought quite a bit of Dr. Seuss fabric when I was pregnant with Oliver and have yet to use it all, so I am happy to have found another good use for it. I have another commission for zippered wet bags and am hoping to get those whipped up this weekend… this is becoming quite the side business for me!