Art Museum Shorts and some Bow-ties

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If you follow me on Instagram, you probably noticed that my sister got married this weekend. As my two boys are her only nephews, she wanted to have them be the ringbearers in her wedding. These two adore their auntie and are so sad that she is moving away- but the lego sets she got them as a reward for walking successfully down the aisle are soothing their wounds. 😉

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FYI all these photos were taken with my iPhone as quick wedding snaps…And sorry about the overload of pictures. I just need a place to show off all of this cuteness!

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My sister wanted a traditional Southern look for the boys’ outfits- seersucker, bowties, suspenders (which I picked up on amazon btw), boat shoes…basically the southern prep that is so not my typical style. But on a 2 and 5 year old anything can be cute so I was up for whatever she wanted.

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I gave her several pattern options for the shorts and she picked out the Oliver+S Art Museum Trousers. I made a pair for Oliver for Easter last year and they are still plenty big in the waist so I stuck with the size 3 for him. I actually made Eliot a size 3 also. He’s still in a diaper and so has some extra chunk around the middle. It was super nice not to have to trace another size with all those pattern pieces involved!

art museum shorts  (9 of 10)In order to make the trousers into shorts, I just cut off the pants about 6 inches from the hem when I was cutting them out and then tried them on the boys once they were sewn together to measure for the exact hem museum shorts  (3 of 10)I must admit to not being a huge welt pocket fan…I mean they look nice and all but they’re a lot of work for a little boy’s outfit. I made Oliver’s shorts with the actual welts, but Eliot’s shorts are fake pockets…and I don’t regret that move one bit! Now if I hadn’t made him his front pockets, he might have been rebelling on me. 🙂 See below picture for proof of his love of pockets.

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The seersucker is a tan/white blend that I picked up at Five-Eighths Seams on a trip to Charleston last fall. If you ever are in need of seersucker, they’ve got it in almost every color combination possible! I was pretty relieved to find it in person so I knew it was the color I was looking for.

art museum shorts  (7 of 10)Now on to the bow ties… I made some bow ties a long time ago when Oliver was in his Aunt Katie’s wedding. But I made legit tying bow ties that time and they were such a pain to keep tied on little boys. I remembered that I had seen Jane post a bow tie she made for Henry that looked about right so I went searching on her blog and found it here… with a link to the tutorial here

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The only change I made to the bow tie tutorial was to use some SF 101 in place of felt or fleece. I am super happy with how well these turned out! The bow was the exact stiffness that I wanted and the velcro closure in the back made it easy to get on and off the boys! The fabric is Kona peach which I ordered from and it happened to match the bridesmaids peach dresses exactly. Woot woot!

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The boys did an awesome job walking down the aisle and quite stole the show with their cuteness!! I just love how great these outfits turned out and hope they will get some more use out of them as church clothes this summer.


Safari Raglan- Dinosaur Style

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Ok, so I may be overusing this safari raglan pattern but it’s just such a quick and easy sewing project that I can’t resist! I’ve been in the middle of a sewing slump- mainly because I have some projects I HAVE to get done for my sister’s upcoming wedding and have been putting them off… Yeah I’m so bad about finishing those kind of things. It’s the welt pockets, y’all. Gotta make a pair of welt pocket shorts and I’m just not feeling the love right now!

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This past weekend, I wanted to push through the slump by sewing some thing completely for fun. I got this Lizzy House dinosaur knit from Rachael a few months ago- I think I bought the very last bit that she had in stock! I knew the boys would love this fabric but hadn’t decided exactly what to do with it yet.

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A raglan tee seemed like the perfect way to show off this print. I paired the dinos with some laguna jersey in navy. (you know me and my laguna love. 😉 ) Like I mentioned, I used the safari raglan by titchy threads. I used the same mods as I did for the swamp rabbit raglans I made for the boys this winter- sewing up the size 2 but moving the center fold over 1/8″ to add a little width and adding 1/2″ in length to the bottom. One of these days, I’ll just go ahead and trace out the 3 and stop being lazy!

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I wanted these to be short sleeved and I didn’t have the short sleeve option for the pattern printed out, so I just eyed it and chopped the sleeve off around where I thought it should be. They turned out more elbow length than short sleeve, but I kinda love the elbow length so I think I’m going to leave them as-is.

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I had planned to hem the sleeves and bottom hem but decided I was too lazy and just left them to roll up. They look so cute all rolled up naturally so I’m calling it a  design feature.

Oh and those shorts are some I made for Oliver waaayyy long time ago. They’re a little short for Eliot now and I love seeing his little knobby toddler knees hanging out of them. No way am I letting that hem out and getting rid of that cuteness.

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I did make a tee for Oliver too. I was going to make his a little different than Eliot’s but he liked Eliot’s so much that we just did an exact copy. Hey, he asked for it! Gotta encourage the matching while it lasts. 😉

12917784_1719345668339948_556771109_nOliver didn’t end up in the pictures because he’s not feeling well today but here the IG picture from the other day so you can see his. FYI he requested to take the picture in front of the quilt ladder because “it would look all colorful.” Love getting his input now. It’s so cute.

All About Boys: Fall Sewing Plans

Today I’m back to share with you some of my fall sewing plans. These are all patterns that I currently own but have yet to try. You will notice a heavy Oliver + S theme going on here. I’ve been collecting some of their patterns when they run occasional sales and have GOT to make some of these this fall before Oliver sizes out of the patterns I bought! The ones I got only go up to size 4! FYI if you sign up for their email list, they will run sales several times a year and it’s a great time to stock up on patterns you’ve been eying since their patterns are not cheap- but totally worth it!


Oliver + S School Bus tee– I actually bought the family package of these tees so I have the entire size range and the women’s and men’s patterns. Excited to try all of them out this fall for family tees! I’m curious to see how I like this pattern compared to the flashback tee.

cardiganGreenpoint Cardigan– It is unisex even though the pattern picture is of a girl. I got this during a bundle sale last fall- I think the Sew Fab? Anywho Oliver is definitely getting himself a cardigan this year. Won’t he look so cute in it?


Field trip raglan t shirt– I actually just bought this during their 20% off June sale and thought I bought the larger size range but I didn’t- boo. Oh well. I’m hoping that I like this raglan pattern better than the one I’ve previously used from Sewing for Boys. I’ll be sure to let you know my thoughts when I make it.

Sailboat TopSailboat Top and Pants– I am hoping to make a top for both boys from this pattern and a pair of pants for Eliot. You notice I don’t have much variety in pants patterns because I like to stick with the basics but I think this one would be cute for E. I’ve actually had this pattern for several years and have put off making it. Really, Brooke, what’s wrong with you?!

Hawthorn-Half-Zip-Stripes-512x768Hawthorn Zip Up Sweatshirt– Got this during the Willow+Co Sale about a month ago. I’m thinking this would make a really comfy sweatshirt for Oliver. Gonna try to find some cool knit to make it in.

nature walk

Nature Walk Pullover– Another cozy outer layer. We spend a lot of the fall in layers so it’s nice to have several options to throw on the boys over their tshirts. I’d like to try out the knit pants too for some wearing-around-the-house pants.

So now that I’ve gotten this list all made, I realize how many patterns I own that I haven’t used yet. Now I’ve made a promise to myself to try all these out before I am allowed to buy any more. And I’m putting this list on the internet to keep myself accountable to you all! Be sure to ask me how I’m doing on this goal if you think of it.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this week that has been all about boys. We are excited to continue this series and are brainstorming some fun ideas for this fall. Think: awesome theme, sew along, maybe some fun prizes…Hopefully we can continue to develop this series and encourage everyone to sew more for the boys in their lives. Make sure to check out what Heidi and April have to share with you today!

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All About Boys: My Favorite Patterns

I hope you enjoyed seeing how the three of us interpreted the 2 free patterns in different ways. I know I really enjoyed seeing what April and Heidi came up with! It’s so fun how the same pattern can look completely different with just a few adaptations. Make sure you check out Heidi’s second look she has featured today! (She outdid us all and made 2 separate outfits!) April has a pattern round-up for you as well today so I’m excited to see what she has to say.

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To round out this week of boy sewing, I want to share some patterns with you. Today I’m sharing a list of my favorite boy patterns (though all of these patterns are in reality unisex so these could be used for girl sewing as well) that I’ve actually sewn and the corresponding outfits that I’ve made from them. I have them listed in order from easiest to hardest (in my opinion). The links on the pattern names will take you to the blog/online store where you can purchase them. If you click on the picture, you will be directed to the blog post where I wrote in detail about them. Tomorrow I’ll be back to share with you some new sewing patterns that I would like to try out this fall. Note: none of these are affiliate links in any way- just giving you my honest opinions. 🙂

KCW Spring 2014Flashback Skinny Tee– seriously y’all. My go-to t-shirt pattern. The end.

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All About Boys: Modern Handmade

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The last blogger I have to share with you this week is April from Modern Handmade. She made this seriously cute outfit for her little man- I mean hem tabs on the shorts. Why didn’t I think of that? Seriously gonna use that idea ASAP! And she made SHOES! She has inspired me to finally try to recreate some shoes of my own- something I’ve been putting off doing for a while. Make sure you head over to her blog and get all the details on her outfit. And check out more pics of Mr H while you are there. What a cutie!

photo 2I’ll be back tomorrow to share with you some of my favorite patterns for boy clothing to give you a little more inspiration to sew some fun things for your own boys!


All About Boys: Picnic at the Park

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Welcome to my stop on the all about boys week. For my destination, I wanted to make an outfit suitable for a summer evening picnic at the park. We have a great little downtown here in my town and spend a lot of summer evenings walking around the park and biking along the trails. We happened to remember this really cool Rock Quarry Garden near downtown that would be perfect for the photo shoot!

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As mentioned previously, the goal for this week was to show you different outfits you can make using 2 free patterns: Dana’s basic tee and Oliver+S Sunny Day shorts. Continue reading

All About Boys: Handmade Frenzy

Just popping in today to point you over to my friend Heidi at Handmade Frenzy where she has our first All About Boys post up and ready for your viewing pleasure! I love what she did with the freezer paper stenciled popsicle! And how great are those stripes?! Head over here to read it! And then you’ll probably have to go get yourself some ice cream because she’s got some drool-worthy shots of that yummy cone!


All About Boys: Coming soon to a blog near you…

AAB logoA few weeks ago a few IG friends and I were chatting about how sad it was that there were all these cute, adorable things for girls and sometimes boys get left out in the cold. If you’ve been around here for any length of time you’ve probably heard me rant about that sometime or other. 🙂 But really, it does seem like girls get a lot of the fun. So we decided to change that up a bit. We are starting a little series called All About Boys- where we take a week and showcase some extra cool boy projects. This time we decided to place an emphasis on free patterns because many people want to sew for their kids but don’t know where to begin. Free patterns are a great way to get your feet wet without breaking the bank. We will be using Continue reading