Art Museum Shorts and some Bow-ties

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If you follow me on Instagram, you probably noticed that my sister got married this weekend. As my two boys are her only nephews, she wanted to have them be the ringbearers in her wedding. These two adore their auntie and areΒ so sad that she is moving away- but the lego sets she got them as a reward for walking successfully down the aisle are soothing their wounds. πŸ˜‰

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FYI all these photos were taken with my iPhone as quick wedding snaps…And sorry about the overload of pictures. I just need a place to show off all of this cuteness!

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My sister wanted a traditional Southern look for the boys’ outfits- seersucker, bowties, suspenders (which I picked up on amazon btw), boat shoes…basically the southern prep that is so not my typical style. But on a 2 and 5 year old anything can be cute so I was up for whatever she wanted.

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I gave her several pattern options for the shorts and she picked out the Oliver+S Art Museum Trousers. I made a pair for Oliver for Easter last year and they are still plenty big in the waist so I stuck with the size 3 for him. I actually made Eliot a size 3 also. He’s still in a diaper and so has some extra chunk around the middle. It was super nice not to have to trace another size with all those pattern pieces involved!

art museum shorts  (9 of 10)In order to make the trousers into shorts, I just cut off the pants about 6 inches from the hem when I was cutting them out and then tried them on the boys once they were sewn together to measure for the exact hem museum shorts  (3 of 10)I must admit to not being a huge welt pocket fan…I mean they look nice and all but they’re a lot of work for a little boy’s outfit. I made Oliver’s shorts with the actual welts, but Eliot’s shorts are fake pockets…and I don’t regret that move one bit! Now if I hadn’t made him his front pockets, he might have been rebelling on me. πŸ™‚ See below picture for proof of his love of pockets.

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The seersucker is a tan/white blend that I picked up at Five-Eighths Seams on a trip to Charleston last fall. If you ever are in need of seersucker, they’ve got it in almost every color combination possible! I was pretty relieved to find it in person so I knew it was the color I was looking for.

art museum shorts  (7 of 10)Now on to the bow ties… I made some bow ties a long time ago when Oliver was in his Aunt Katie’s wedding. But I made legit tying bow ties that time and they were such a pain to keep tied on little boys. I remembered that I had seen Jane post a bow tie she made for Henry that looked about right so I went searching on her blog and found it here… with a link to the tutorial here

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The only change I made to the bow tie tutorial was to use some SF 101 in place of felt or fleece. I am super happy with how well these turned out! The bow was the exact stiffness that I wanted and the velcro closure in the back made it easy to get on and off the boys! The fabric is Kona peach which I ordered from and it happened to match the bridesmaids peach dresses exactly. Woot woot!

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The boys did an awesome job walking down the aisle and quite stole the show with their cuteness!! I just love how great these outfits turned out and hope they will get some more use out of them as church clothes this summer.


Art Museum Easter Outfits

I picked up the Art Museum vest + trousers pattern back in the fall when Oliver+S was running a 50% off sale. I love stocking up on some patterns from my want list during those sales! I hadn’t really given that pattern a second glance when it was released but after seeing Tara’s great buffalo check vest and Gail’s awesome plaid pants, I knew I had to have it for museums (1 of 9)

Easter is one of the few times a year where I try really hard to get the whole family in new (preferably handmade) clothes. Growing up in the south, the annual Easter dress search was a big deal and it’s kinda fun to continue that tradition with the boys- except not with new dresses obviously. πŸ˜‰ art museums (7 of 9)

I started on these vests way back in February in order to make sure they were finished by Easter- the winter Kids’ Clothes week theme was upcycling so it was the perfect chance to get a head start! I’ve been working on them in bits and spurts whenever I could fit in some spare sewing time. And I actually finished them two weeks before Easter- a miracle for me. πŸ™‚

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Eliot’s vest is a size 2T and made from an old pair of my husband’s dress pants. The lining is a blue sketch print from my museums (9 of 9)

Oliver’s vest is a size 4T and is made from an old pair of my dress pants- from way back in my school teaching days. I let him pick out the lining and he decided on a Lorax fabric from my stash- Dr. Seuss is always a great idea. I do think the vest runs a little short. Next time I make one I would probably add a little length so he won’t grow out of it so quickly.  art museums (2 of 9)

Oliver’s pants are also upcyced- another one of my husband’s old khakis. Though I think with his size we are reaching the end of being able to upcycle from old pants! I had to do some major seam ripping of waistband and patch pockets to have enough fabric. After I was all finished, I realized you could still see the needle holes on the front right pant leg. I used all the tricks up my sleeve to remove those marks- finger scrubbing, rubbing with a wet cloth then ironing, and finally rubbing with a white vinegar soaked cloth and a final press with the iron. All that work did help minimize the marks but they did not disappear like I’d hoped. I think that with all the time I spent seam ripping and such, it would have just been cheaper to go buy some khaki fabric- lesson learned for next time.

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Oliver’s measurements put him in the 2T waist with a 4T length. I was afraid to trust the measurements completely so I ended up making him the 3T with 4T length. I ended up cutting them back to the 3T length because they were super long- after reading a bunch of reviews, this seems to be a pretty common theme. I probably could have gone with the 2T width too but this way he’s got some room to grow for a while. art museums (5 of 9)

Have you noticed all the welt pockets- 6 to be exact! Yeah, my first time with welts and that was quite the workout. I managed ok on the vests, and then I realized that my pal Kristin had written up a picture tutorial for the O+S blog so that was super helpful and so I used that when I made the pants- much easier. The pockets all turned out pretty well, if I say so myself. I used the Lorax print for the inside of Oliver’s welts, and he is pretty pumped to have Lorax pants as well as the vest. Anything to get him excited about his handmades!art museums (6 of 9)

Eliot already had a pair of pants to coordinate with his vest and shirt so I decided not to make him a pair. Final handmade tally- 2 vest and 1 pair of pants. The boys’ shirts are from Target, and Eliot’s hat was a steal in the Target dollar bin! They loved wearing the Fedoras and actually managed to keep them on most of the day. Their cuteness was just too much for me!