All About Boys: My Favorite Patterns

I hope you enjoyed seeing how the three of us interpreted the 2 free patterns in different ways. I know I really enjoyed seeing what April and Heidi came up with! It’s so fun how the same pattern can look completely different with just a few adaptations. Make sure you check out Heidi’s second look she has featured today! (She outdid us all and made 2 separate outfits!) April has a pattern round-up for you as well today so I’m excited to see what she has to say.

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To round out this week of boy sewing, I want to share some patterns with you. Today I’m sharing a list of my favorite boy patterns (though all of these patterns are in reality unisex so these could be used for girl sewing as well) that I’ve actually sewn and the corresponding outfits that I’ve made from them. I have them listed in order from easiest to hardest (in my opinion). The links on the pattern names will take you to the blog/online store where you can purchase them. If you click on the picture, you will be directed to the blog post where I wrote in detail about them. Tomorrow I’ll be back to share with you some new sewing patterns that I would like to try out this fall. Note: none of these are affiliate links in any way- just giving you my honest opinions. 🙂

KCW Spring 2014Flashback Skinny Tee– seriously y’all. My go-to t-shirt pattern. The end.

Parsley Pants- Red Tuxedo StripeParsley Pants– Another one of Rae’s great basic patterns. I don’t have lots of experience with other pant patterns so I can’t compare it much but I love how easy it is and yet it has quite a few options for customization. Also the basic pants version is only 1 pattern piece- making the construction even simpler.

RaglanTee and Shorts8Kid Shorts Made– This pattern also is great in that it’s super easy but she offers a TON of options for customization- girl/boy lengths, racer style, pockets, etc. You can have lots of fun making different kinds of shorts from the same basic pattern. I also love the basic elastic waist version for comfy pj shorts.

all about boys (11 of 11)Sunny Day Shorts– just made my first pair of these this week but it’s already on my fave pattern list. What makes it different from the Kid Shorts by Made is that these shorts have a separate waistband- making things like the pockets you see in my picture possible. That also makes it a little bit more complicated to construct which is why I have them listed after the other shorts pattern.

striped bimaaBimaa Hoodie– I have only made two of these so far but totally love this pattern. Who can resist a big hood on a little boy? If you happen to have a serger handy it’s even simpler but I made both of mine without it so it’s totally possibly either way. I’m looking forward to making more of these this winter for the boys.

Vintage May Redo (7 of 10)

Small Fry Skinny Jeans– This is definitely a more intermediate pattern. There are a ton of steps but she does a great job at walking you through each one so I feel that as long as you are confident, you could totally try it out. And you feel so pumped afterward because you just made awesome-sauce pants.

Vintage May Redo (12 of 3)

Sketchbook Shirt– The short sleeved version of this is definitely much easier that the long sleeves (those button plackets!). It being an Oliver+ S pattern means it comes with great instructions but it definitely takes some time and has a boatload of pattern pieces that come with it! Totally worth the end result in my opinion and actually one of Oliver’s most worn handmades because he only has a few church shirts and likes to pick this one.

And there you have it. Hopefully this list has given you some inspiration and ideas of where to get started if you are wondering what to make for your boys. If you are already a seasoned boy-clothing sewing mama, I hope you will share with the rest of us any ideas and inspiration you have come across! I am always on the search for more ideas! I also want to point out that I know we are not the first ones to think of a boy sewing series- Dana and Rae have done a great Celebrate the Boy series in the past. I suggest if you find yourself with some free time that you peruse their archives to give yourself some more inspiration.


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