Parsley Pants Sneak Peek

Linen Parsely Pants

I am in the process of pattern testing an amazing pants pattern for Rae. I don’t want to share too much of this pattern yet before I’m done tweaking various things, but I wanted to enter this pair into this week’s Project Run and Play: It’s all in the details theme. I just think that these pants perfectly fit into that theme since they are full of fun, little details. Pants are made from a black pinstripe linen fabric that I have been saving for the perfect pants project.

Linen Parsely Pants

Special pant details:

  • Piping added to pouch pockets- made from Aqua Kona cotton fabric
  • Pouch pockets have some special Lotta Jansdotter fabric (Bella line) as the lining
  • Pintucks down the front and back legs
  • Linen Parsely Pants

I’ll be back early next week to show off more pictures and details of these pants as well as the other pairs I have made. (Two so far with another already in the works)


Project Run and Play Week 5- Fall Holiday

Well I totally got my wires crossed for this week’s challenge. Up until Monday afternoon, I thought this week’s challenge was your signature look. Oops. I thought about sitting this one out, but after reading Deborah’s post on Tuesday night, I was inspired with some great ideas for Thanksgiving. I designed an outfit that Oliver can wear to the Thanksgiving dinner table. I love the idea of having a special outfit he can wear for this often-overlooked holiday! And yet it’s still super comfy for him to run around in after dinner.

First off, the cardigan!! 🙂 I got this idea after seeing several Greenpoint cardigans in the KCWC flickr group. I am sure that is a great pattern, but I decided to take a stab at drafting my own pattern. I used several old tees from Goodwill as my fabric. I took the raglan tee as my base and then completely dissasembled and rearranged it. I moved the fold line over several inches in the front, back and sleeve pieces so it would fit more like a sweater than a skinny tee. Then I cut the front piece straight down the middle and created a curve down the front. I sewed the base cardi together- enclosing all raw edges and made all the binding- for the sleeves, bottom, and neck/buttonhole facings. This I sewed on in similar fashion to adding cuffs. The only thing I didn’t do quite right was to take enough off the neck to account for the binding so it was a little big/high in the back. To fix this, I made something similar to a dart down the middle of the back of cardigan. It’s still a bit big, but it is supposed to be a sweater and it will give him time to grow into it. I am already thinking about how I will make the next one!

The pants- self-drafted pattern using what I learned from the green cords. (made these a little smaller and shorter.) They have a faux fly, lined pockets, flat fell seams, flat front with elastic back, and hand embroidery on the back pockets.

The tee- I knew I wanted to make a tee to coordinate with the cardigan and wanted it to have some sort of applique or embroidery on it. My hubby suggested the word THANKS. I embroidered it with Perle Cotton. The pattern is the Raw-Edged Raglan, but I enclosed all the seams on mine instead of leaving them raw. I used a ribbed knit for the neckband (and enlarged the neckband by 2 inches:) ) and it fits great! No problem fitting over head.

the photoshoot came to a sad and abrupt end after a fast trip down the slide ended in a face full of mulch and a scratched and bloody face 😦

This is also my update for KCWC days 3-4. Whew! I have enjoyed both PRP and KCWC but I am looking forward to a break in order to get to all my other sewing lists piling up around me! I think Oliver will be well-stocked with handmade clothing once this week and next are over!

Project Run and Play: Week 4- Boy Challenge

This week’s challenge was boy week. Because I always sew for a boy, I wanted to do something a little special for this challenge. I wanted to stretch my skills and make something cool and fun. Well it was a crazy amount of work, but I’m very happy with how it all turned out.

I made a 3 piece outfit: skinny jeans, t-shirt, and a flannel jacket.

For Oliver’s David Beckham outfit, I drafted the skinny pants based on a pair of his pants. I was going to use that pattern again, but then I saw that Jessica had created a pattern for a pair of skinny cords that just happened to be in Oliver’s size. I loved the pockets and yoke detail on her pants, so I decided to try out her pattern. Note to self: little boys are bigger than little girls! We ended up with super skinny hipster pants. He has to wear his disposable diapers with these pants because there’s not enough room for the cloth diaper bum. Also with the super skinny bottom, they continually ride up so they look a little short, even though they are not. However, I can’t help but think the little hipster look is too cute on him. 🙂 I used a blue stretch denim that I picked up at JoAnn’s this weekend for the pants fabric.

The t-shirt is the Raw-Edged Raglan pattern from Sewing for Boys. This was my first foray into sewing with knits, and I am now hooked. Seriously, no hemming! I used an old t-shirt of Ian’s for the fabric, and it is just so fun to see the Little Man in a loved shirt of his Daddy’s. I had to adjust the pattern a little because even though it says that it starts at 18 months, my pattern sheet begins at 2/3. I took about 1/4 inch of all the sides of the 2/3, and it turned out great. I love the skinny fit and super long sleeves. The only problem we ran into was that my child must have a big head because I had to stretch out the neckline quite a bit to fit it over his head. Thankfully, I was able to stretch it enough to fit without having to re-cut and sew a new neckband. FYI using freezer paper as your pattern piece makes cutting out the knit fabric so easy because you iron on the freezer paper to the knit and then pull it off to reuse after you cut the fabric.

The jacket is also based on a pattern from Sewing for Boys. It is based on the Out on the Town Jacket with modifications. I wanted to have a straight-across neckline, not a sloping one like the pattern shows, so I just decided to wing it and cut out the neckline how I had pictured in my head. Guess what- turned out perfectly! Love it when that happens. I used a flannel from JoAnn for the outer and the same stretch denim for the lining. I was going for a look that was kinda in-between a button-down shirt and a jacket. If I do say so myself, I think I nailed it. This is the perfect jacket for a casual fall outing- especially around here where we are starting to get a bit of a chill at night but still have 80 degree days. This jacket came together so quickly- quite an easy sew- up until the buttons! The buttonhole foot on my machine is such a pain in the neck! I had to re-do several of the buttonholes because they were all uneven- and then the thread on the bottom was a nasty mess. I think it’s because of the thickness of the jacket that the machine didn’t feed well. If anyone has any advice for good buttonholes, I’d be glad to hear it!

So that’s my outfit for this week- if you are still reading after a super long post. I really enjoyed learning even more new skills and having fun with an outfit along the way! I have now added more raw-edged raglans to my list for KCWC next week! FYI there was a great post on Project Run and Play this week on sewing boy clothing, She echoed some of the same thoughts that I’ve had. Oh, and I have to give props to the hubby for the photography. He took all the pictures (for this shoot and the Beckham shoot), and I followed along as photographer assistant. He has a much better gift at photography than I do!

Kid’s Clothes Week Challenge Fall 2012

It’s almost that time again! My second time to participate in the KCWC. I am so excited about this week. I love seeing the Flickr group explode with projects and get inspired by all the cool stuff everyone makes. I feel that I’ve been doing a little prep by working on Project Run and Play entries. Not counting the last two weeks, I have been so busy on selfish and other sewing recently that I haven’t made much kid clothing. Now that I have had two weeks to get back into the swing of kid clothing, I am feeling inspired to make some fun stuff! It helps that next week’s PRP challenge is to make something that reflects your personal style! I don’t have my full to-sew list made, but here a few things I know will be on the list

  •  Green cords- using Dana’s basic pants pattern as a guide
  • a Charlie Tunic– finally broke down and bought it when it was on sale last week.
  • Appliqued Onesies- working ahead on some baby shower gifts.

I hope you will consider joining in the fun this time! Go here to sign up and make sure to read Elsie’s blog this week as she features some fun variations of the basic pants pattern. I’ll be sure to keep you updated with my progress. I know I can do that challenge for all but one day. We have a church retreat that Saturday, but every other day is fair game for me!

Also, on a PRP note, I am busy working on my entry for Boy Week. Easy one for me right? Excited to see my ideas come to fruition! Check back in later this week for an update!

Project Run and Play: Week 3

This week’s challenge was to make clothing using a white sheet as the main resource. I brainstormed for quite a bit about what to make for my little man. I knew that white pants would not really look that great, and a white shirt is a little boring. Hey, what about pajamas? I thought that would be a fun idea- kinda mixing up the whole white sheet idea. You know, sheets go on your bed, and you wear pajamas to bed. Ok, ok you get it; maybe not as funny as I think it is? Anywho I remembered Rae had made some cute pjs for her munchkins a while back, and a quick google search led me to the Oliver + S bedtime story pj pattern. Thank goodness they are offering it as a PDF download now! I plunged right into my first Oliver + S pattern, and, let me tell ya peeps, they do not disappoint! Very well written and easy to follow along. I flew through the construction of these! I see many more Oliver + S patterns in my future!

I knew I wanted to do a fun contrasting trim to offset the white fabric on the pjs, so I chose this Robert Kaufman stripe from his Dr. Seuss line. I originally thought I would do more embellishing of the outfit- using my Thing1&2 fabric, but I decided I liked it more simple. I did add a little applique to the side as a nod to my inspiration.

The hubs had the idea to make a nightcap for the photo shoot. Happy to announce it stayed on most of the shoot! I just made up the nightcap pattern. Made some loose measurements based on my head circumference, connected both ends to a point about 30 inches high to make the triangle, then sewed right sides together to make the cap. I added the stripey trim and some elastic to keep it on his head. I lurves this outfit muchly! I know it will get dirty easily, but hey, it’s pajamas. He won’t normally be wearing them out-of-doors. And I am happy to report that, so far, the ties have stayed nicely tied in place! I made the 12-18 month size and it fits him perfectly. Oh, and as I picked up the white sheet at the thrift store for 59 cents, this is quite the economical outfit! 🙂

Enjoy these pictures as the Little Man leads us to the Land of Nod with a lantern, his doggies, and a book to guide him along the way. 🙂

What? You don’t feed your children as bribery to sit still for pictures? Think of it as a bedtime snack. 🙂

Project Run and Play Week 2

Have you heard of Project Run and Play? I had not heard of it until last season when (I think it was) Dana mentioned she was a judge for it. Love the spin-off of Project Runway! Go here if you need more info on it.

I wanted to participate in the home sewalong challenges this season because I knew it would push me to come up with new ideas. Last week’s challenge was to remix a bias cut skirt, and I just couldn’t figure out how to do that in a boy fashion so I sat out that week. This week’s challenge is to pick a fashion icon and make a look that represents him/her. I was drawing a blank until good ol’ Google popped up with a list of top male fashion icons and had David Beckham on the list. I knew Oliver would look super snazzy in a Beckham outfit, and I also knew I had the ability to make this outfit.

Here’s what I made him- bow tie (using this tutorial), vest (remixing my former pattern a bit), and skinny cut dress pants (self-drafted pattern). Pants and vest are made from an old pair of men’s dress pants. I used every last scrap of the pants to fit in both of them! FYI super cheap way to make toddler clothing!

The end result is pretty close to what I had envisioned. I really wanted to make his button-down shirt also but ran out of time. I could not be happier with our photo shoot today though! Little Man was the perfect model and had so much fun running around downtown. He got quite a few admiring looks as well. 🙂 I know I’m biased, but seriously, how cute is he?!

The vest- I cut in the shoulders and made a more dramatic V in front than I had previously. I did not top-stitch because I thought it would take away from the dressy look of the vest. I also added pockets to match the picture. The only problem with a toddler model is that my fitting times are so few and a bit rushed so I didn’t really get a good feel for the fit until we went for the photo shoot. I realized then that the back is a bit wide so the top falls down over his shoulders a bit as he runs around. I am going to take in the back a little at the center seam to fix that problem.

The pants- I learned a lot making my own self-drafted pattern for the first time. I used a pair of Oliver’s pants and narrowed the legs to make a skinny leg shape. I am so drawn to the skinny cut look that is in for boys now- not the “I’m wearing my little sister’s pants look,” but just a nice straight cut that narrows in at the bottom. If these pants turned out, I wanted to use the pattern to make him some skinny colored pants/cords like these ones from Old Navy. I am hoping to make a trip out to JoAnn’s this weekend or next to pick up some fabric for them now that I like the pattern. (Boo that it’s 45 minutes away!) The pants are a flat front and an elastic back. I used the instructions from the Treasure Pocket Pants to help me make the faux fly. Next time I will raise the back and lower the front a little more because they are a bit low-riding in the back= those cloth diapers give him such a big booty. 🙂

Bowtie- super easy and great instructions on tying! I love how it looks and I see quite a few more in his future. 🙂 Also don’t you just love the little extra touch his Chucks give to his look? I picked those up before he was born because his daddy loves to wear Chuck high-tops, and I knew he would be thrilled to have his son wear some also. So pumped they fit him for this fall!

Make sure you head over to the PRP blog tomorrow to vote for the contestants! Also check out the Flickr group to see all the other cool looks at-home sewalong people have come up with for this week’s challenge! Looking forward to the next several weeks and seeing how I can stretch my creative sewing skills!