Project Run and Play Week 5- Fall Holiday

Well I totally got my wires crossed for this week’s challenge. Up until Monday afternoon, I thought this week’s challenge was your signature look. Oops. I thought about sitting this one out, but after reading Deborah’s post on Tuesday night, I was inspired with some great ideas for Thanksgiving. I designed an outfit that Oliver can wear to the Thanksgiving dinner table. I love the idea of having a special outfit he can wear for this often-overlooked holiday! And yet it’s still super comfy for him to run around in after dinner.

First off, the cardigan!! 🙂 I got this idea after seeing several Greenpoint cardigans in the KCWC flickr group. I am sure that is a great pattern, but I decided to take a stab at drafting my own pattern. I used several old tees from Goodwill as my fabric. I took the raglan tee as my base and then completely dissasembled and rearranged it. I moved the fold line over several inches in the front, back and sleeve pieces so it would fit more like a sweater than a skinny tee. Then I cut the front piece straight down the middle and created a curve down the front. I sewed the base cardi together- enclosing all raw edges and made all the binding- for the sleeves, bottom, and neck/buttonhole facings. This I sewed on in similar fashion to adding cuffs. The only thing I didn’t do quite right was to take enough off the neck to account for the binding so it was a little big/high in the back. To fix this, I made something similar to a dart down the middle of the back of cardigan. It’s still a bit big, but it is supposed to be a sweater and it will give him time to grow into it. I am already thinking about how I will make the next one!

The pants- self-drafted pattern using what I learned from the green cords. (made these a little smaller and shorter.) They have a faux fly, lined pockets, flat fell seams, flat front with elastic back, and hand embroidery on the back pockets.

The tee- I knew I wanted to make a tee to coordinate with the cardigan and wanted it to have some sort of applique or embroidery on it. My hubby suggested the word THANKS. I embroidered it with Perle Cotton. The pattern is the Raw-Edged Raglan, but I enclosed all the seams on mine instead of leaving them raw. I used a ribbed knit for the neckband (and enlarged the neckband by 2 inches:) ) and it fits great! No problem fitting over head.

the photoshoot came to a sad and abrupt end after a fast trip down the slide ended in a face full of mulch and a scratched and bloody face 😦

This is also my update for KCWC days 3-4. Whew! I have enjoyed both PRP and KCWC but I am looking forward to a break in order to get to all my other sewing lists piling up around me! I think Oliver will be well-stocked with handmade clothing once this week and next are over!


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