Lucky Charms Tee x2

Yep, I’m back…new blog post finally…spring puts me in the mood to blog it seems. 🙂 Also more light helps out on the photography front. Though tax season means my good photographer is out of commission so you’re stuck with my not-as-great skills. And Oliver’s favorite new picture face. Don’t know where he came up with that smirk/frown but he makes it every time I pull out the camera lately! lucky charm tees (7 of 7)

I wanted to do something fun for the boys for St. Patrick’s Day this year. BUT I didn’t want to just make a typical shamrock shirt because I have this inner need to be complicated and different. 😉 Both of the boys absolutely love Lucky Charms cereal. I know, I know, how do they even know about that cereal, right? Well it just so happens to be my one sugar cereal weakness and every now and then when I find it on sale, I just can’t resist picking up a box. So, there’s my bad mom confession for today. 🙂

lucky charm tees (3 of 7)I’m trying to be smarter about making Oliver’s clothes because last year he ended up with quite a few things in his closet that he never wore- not cool. Now, I’m involving him in the fabric selection part of sewing his clothes, and so far that’s really helping out with his willingness to wear said items! We decided to make different versions of Lucky’s hat for each boy. Oliver picked out the orange hat for himself, and I decided on the standard green hat for Eliot.

lucky charm tees (2 of 7)The pattern I used for the tees is a version of a raglan tee that I tested a while back for Titchy Threads. The pattern has not been released yet so I don’t have a link of it for you, but I’m pretty sure she’s planning on releasing sometime this year. I actually made the same size for both boys- the 24 month and just added 1.5″ to the length of Oliver’s. O’s ended up a teensy bit short so I left the bottom of his unhemmed.

lucky charm tees (4 of 7)The grey and orange knit solids are Robert Kaufman laguna jersey- love this knit for tees! Green solid is a french terry knit simply because it was the only green knit in my stash- lol. All fabrics were purchased from a while back. I got a 20% off coupon from them and stocked up on a bunch of different colors of those laguna jerseys. It’s so nice to have some in the stash to pull from when I get a project idea. I’m actually running low and need to get some more!

lucky charm tees (6 of 7)I traced the hat stencil freehand onto a piece of swedish tracing paper (risky for me since my drawing skills are not great), then I used that to cut out the pieces onto some Kona cotton, and appliquéd the hats to the tees using some Heat n Bond lite.

lucky charm tees (1 of 7)I love how fun these turned out and the boys do too. In fact, they have worn them several times already in the week since I made them, so I’m calling that a project success!

lucky charm tees (5 of 7)


Oliver is three

oliver 3rd bdayWe had a birthday party for Oliver this weekend. Can you believe my little boy is three already? Wow that’s crazy! Anywho, we didn’t have a party for him last year, but now that he’s old enough to enjoy parties and such, we thought it would be fun to something with his friends. We invited a few of his little buddies (and parents, of course) to the park for a morning of play. It was a gorgeous day and they all had lots of fun.   oliver 3rd bday

Eliot could be found roaming underneath the picnic table trying to steal everyone’s snacks! lololiver 3rd bday Of course a birthday wouldn’t be complete without a handmade number shirt from mom, which I conveniently matched to his number shorts. He looked so stinking cute in his outfit. Shirt pattern is Raglan Tee from Sewing for Boys. I cut out the letters and appliqued them to the shirt after constructing it. I bought the orange Robert Kaufman laguna jersey from after reading several bloggers’ comments on how nice it was. And it really is nice! I’m definitely going to be buying more of it in several colors. It just has such a nice feel and drape! And I’m very close to’s new warehouse so it is so tempting to buy from them right now- I get my order within two days of placing it! Shorts were previously blogged here.oliver 3rd bday

Another fun part of the birthday party were the lightsaber favors. I am such a Star Wars nerd, and it’s too fun to pass that nerdiness on to your children! Oliver is at that impressionable age and loves anything we push as cool right now. 😉 He thought these were great. Ian made them the night before the party with pool noodles, electrical tape and duct tape. Easy, quick, and cheap! The kids had fun playing with them at the party and then got to take them home when the party was over. oliver 3rd bday

So, this kid. He’s got a lot of his mommy in him and it both frustrates me at times and yet completely endears him to me. 🙂 It’s so fun to watch him grow out of the toddler stage and full on into little boyhood. Can’t wait to see what three has in store for you, buddy! oliver 3rd bday



spring kcw: raglan tee and color-blocked shorts

RaglanTee and Shorts8After a recent trip to the mall, I have been itching to re-create some color-blocked shorts that I saw for O.  Also this week is Project Run and Play’s design your own fabric challenge so I decided to kill two birds with one stone and make a PRP look during KCW. (enough acronyms anyone? 😉 ) I really loved these khaki and green ones, but since I already made green shorts (blog post yet to come), I needed another color. The lower short fabric started out as hot pink capris from my sister’s goodwill pile. I rescued them and dyed them with some brown RIT dye. They ended up this nice maroon color. I could have dyed them again to get them more brown but ended up liking this color and decided to keep it. The khaki fabric is from an old pair of hubby’s pants in the upcycle bin.

FBTee and Shorts5


I took Dana’s flat front short pattern, marked where I wanted the color block to be, and cut out both fabrics using 3/8″ overlap where they would join for seam allowance. Then I sewed them together, serged the seam, topstitched, and used the resulting piece as the regular pattern piece.

Oliver's showing off his belly button so you can get a close-up of the top-stitching.

Oliver’s showing off his belly button so you can get a close-up of the top-stitching.

I wanted these shorts to look store-bought so I broke out my topstitching thread and used it for all the seams. I even created a faux fly and some faux pocket stitching. Fancy, huh? I thought so. These shorts were definitely a labor of love. I had to break out the jeans needle and stitch very slowly to get all the thick seams sewn up. In the end, totally worth it to have a pair of quality-made shorts. These babies won’t be falling apart anytime soon!

FBTee and Shorts9

The tee is the (not-so) Raw Edged Raglan from Sewing for Boys. I used my serger for all the seams and my stretch thread for all the topstitching- So loving that! I also love my current table set-up because I have my serger and sewing machine set up next to each other, and I can easily go back and forth as I am sewing. The gray and white stripe is a jersey knit I picked up at the Fabric Fairy using a gift card, and the sleeves are part of an old tee (the rest of which you will see tomorrow in another shirt!)

FBTee and Shorts3

The shirt is my first attempt at freezer paper stenciling- so fun! The hardest part was agonizing over what stencil I wanted to do- something cool but not too cheesy. In the end I remembered a free stencil pdf I found on Pinterest and used that. It was so fun to peel off the freezer paper and see the words underneath! Definitely going to be doing more of that in the future.

FBTee and Shorts7

I am pretty jealous of this shirt and my nod to the mini-me theme is that I actually wish I had one of these in my size! Maybe after all this is finished, I’ll try to make one for myself, and we can really be matching. 😉 Not in the exact same colors of course but the same general idea. I know it’s cheesy but gotta do some matchy-matchy while he thinks it’s cool, right?

FBTee and Shorts6

Because sometimes the outtakes are too funny not to share.

Because sometimes the outtakes are too funny not to share.

kid's clothes week


Celebrate the Boy: Raglan Tee

I had so many other projects to get to last week that I didn’t get to do any more boy projects…Boo! But the celebration doesn’t end until tonight so this last project is coming in right on time.

Raw Edged Raglan

Somehow, I blinked and all of Oliver’s tees are too short! Guess he had a growth spurt overnight. Thankfully, I have quite a few old tees of mine and the hubs set aside to reinvent as Little Man tees. I really wanted to get a couple made today but it took longer than I anticipated to make the first one since I had to trace a new pattern size. I made the Raw-Edged Raglan tee from Sewing for Boys. (Same as this previous tee.) This time I made the size 2/3. The shirt is a teensy bit big but that gives him some room to grow. I had some problems with the collar being too small last time I made this tee, and while this one fits fine, it turned out just a bit wonky. Not bad enough to make me redo it, but a little off. However for a knit-sewing novice, I am fairly proud of how well I did overall. 🙂

Raw Edged Raglan Raw Edged Raglan

Fabric used: The Blue and White stripe is from one of my old tees and the yellow cuffs and collar are from one of Ian’s. I was inspired to add the yellow accents after I saw some of the cool color pops in the Flickr group. Hopefully, I pulled it off ok. Hubs isn’t too sold on it, but I like it. Plus doesn’t this look great with his new skinny pants? (thank you Old Navy clearance!) And check out the other cool color pop- his orange diaper…hey cloth CAN be cool. 🙂

Raw Edged Raglan

Originally, I had a yellow cuff at the bottom of the shirt as well, but it made the shirt too long and baggy (t-shirt dress, anyone?). I cut off the border and took the sides of the shirt in about 1/4 inch each to make the tee more slim-fit while still giving some ease for growing room. It’s starting to warm up down here but the days still have a chill so these lightweight long sleeve tees are perfect for this weather! Hopefully I will have time to make a few more soon!

Raw Edged Raglan

By the way, the wagon was a gift from a friend and he absolutely loves it! I had a hard time getting any shots in focus because he was pushing it (running at high speed) all over the yard. He thought it was funny to chase after me and “get” me with his wagon…Glad for some sun and a chance to work off some energy outdoors!

Raw Edged Raglan Raw Edged Raglan