Oliver is three

oliver 3rd bdayWe had a birthday party for Oliver this weekend. Can you believe my little boy is three already? Wow that’s crazy! Anywho, we didn’t have a party for him last year, but now that he’s old enough to enjoy parties and such, we thought it would be fun to something with his friends. We invited a few of his little buddies (and parents, of course) to the park for a morning of play. It was a gorgeous day and they all had lots of fun.   oliver 3rd bday

Eliot could be found roaming underneath the picnic table trying to steal everyone’s snacks! lololiver 3rd bday Of course a birthday wouldn’t be complete without a handmade number shirt from mom, which I conveniently matched to his number shorts. He looked so stinking cute in his outfit. Shirt pattern is Raglan Tee from Sewing for Boys. I cut out the letters and appliqued them to the shirt after constructing it. I bought the orange Robert Kaufman laguna jersey from fabric.com after reading several bloggers’ comments on how nice it was. And it really is nice! I’m definitely going to be buying more of it in several colors. It just has such a nice feel and drape! And I’m very close to Fabric.com’s new warehouse so it is so tempting to buy from them right now- I get my order within two days of placing it! Shorts were previously blogged here.oliver 3rd bday

Another fun part of the birthday party were the lightsaber favors. I am such a Star Wars nerd, and it’s too fun to pass that nerdiness on to your children! Oliver is at that impressionable age and loves anything we push as cool right now. 😉 He thought these were great. Ian made them the night before the party with pool noodles, electrical tape and duct tape. Easy, quick, and cheap! The kids had fun playing with them at the party and then got to take them home when the party was over. oliver 3rd bday

So, this kid. He’s got a lot of his mommy in him and it both frustrates me at times and yet completely endears him to me. 🙂 It’s so fun to watch him grow out of the toddler stage and full on into little boyhood. Can’t wait to see what three has in store for you, buddy! oliver 3rd bday




5 thoughts on “Oliver is three

  1. Happy Bday, Oliver! 3 is a fun age, isn’t it? My son turned 3 few weeks back too and Im loving the growing vocab and funny things he notices and says.

    The shirt goes very well with the shorts, Does not look home-made and I mean that as a compliment. Happy Sewing!

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