Bicycle shorts for the birthday boy

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A Saturday post this week because blog things got moved around a bit, and I have more to share next week. Yesterday was Eliot’s first birthday. Cannot believe my little baby is already one year old! Time really does fly. This little boy has such a sweet laid-back personality and is a loving, happy little boy. I just wanna hold him all day and slow him down! He’s walking along everything right now and even taking 3-4 steps at a time. Going to be walking all by himself before we know it!

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With Eliot being the second child, he really doesn’t need any new clothes/toys and sometimes I get mom guilt that all he wears/plays with are hand-me-downs. I know, it’s silly but I like him to have a few new things all to his own, so I decided to make him a birthday outfit to celebrate his happy day. I think these birthday outfits are becoming a tradition of mine. (Oliver’s second and third birthday outfits blogged here and here.)

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Shorts are Dana’s Kid Shorts pattern. They are the basic elastic waist version, size 18 month with front bias-trimmed pockets. I love the little extra pop the bias tape gives the pockets. FYI if you cloth diaper, you may wanna size up on these shorts. Eliot can wear 12 or 18 month in shorts but the 18 month just fits over his fluffy bum. Fabric is a Michael Miller bicycles print that I picked up several years ago at and it looks like they still have it in stock here.

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Tee is a basic store-bought shirt, and I added the ONE appliqué onto it. Note: I find that this age is the hardest stage to take pictures of- constant crawling about, walking along everything, getting into everything. You just have to snap as they move and hope for some good shots. I am up for any ideas on how to get good photoshoots with a young toddler! Forgot how easy it’s gotten now that Oliver is older and like photoshoots, errr- bribes. 🙂

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We just had a simple little family party last night with my siblings, parents, and some homemade chocolate cupcakes. Just enough partying to make mom feel like it was a real birthday but nothing overwhelming. A fun night for my sweet little baby boy.

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1 thought on “Bicycle shorts for the birthday boy

  1. Sounds like a perfect birthday! And a great little outfit. Thanks for the hint about the sizing on the shorts. I’m about to make some Oliver+S sailboat pants for my little guy and wondering how many sizes up I need to go to fit over his cloth diaper!

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