The craze of May

It seems like May is a crazy month. Between graduations, weddings, family vacations, and Mother’s Day; there is so much going on. Not to mention attempting to enjoy the outdoors before the weather becomes unreasonably hot. Well I am full-swing into this craze of May. We had family staying with us all last week and had a great time. Poor little Oliver does not know what to do with himself now that his cousins are gone- no worries, he will see them again this week! However, with all the goings-on, I was not able to get much sewing accomplished. Ah well, memories are more important, right?

What I was able to accomplish last week:

Alterations. I am now the family seamstress, even if I don’t exactly know what I am doing all the time. Last week I got to experience my first attempt with sewing knits on my sister’s graduation dress. The lining on her dress only came mid-thigh so we found another similar knit material and I added length to it. A pretty easy fix and non-stressful since no one will really see the lining. She also wanted me to change the sleeves from off the shoulder to normal sleeves, and I was able to fix that for her with minimal sewing effort. I like to do small projects like this because it gives me good experience in alterations and in practicing new techniques.

Little boy vests. I volunteered to make the ring bearer vests for my sister-in-law’s wedding and had one of my subjects staying with us this last week so I was able to measure him and finish one vest (well actually two since number one was a dud), except for the buttonholes. Thankfully both boys are the same size, making this project fairly easy. At least, it would have been easy if I had measured accurately and not made the first vest 3 inches too short 😦 Oh well, chalk up another sewing lesson on the importance of accurate measurements. I was able to be extra thrifty for this project and bought men’s pants from the thrift store to use as vest material. I am pretty happy with how the first one turned out. I hope to finish the other one this afternoon during nap time. I’ll discuss these a little more in depth when I finish both of them completely but here’s a sneak peak.

We leave Wednesday for our trip to Tennessee to attend said sister-in-law’s wedding and before we leave, I have to finish the other vest and cut out a ton of 10 inches squares for the guest book quilt (more on that later), not to mention house cleaning, packing and working in between. I will definitely not be bored the next two days!


Baby Shower Gift

A friend and her husband came into town for a few days and we attended a baby shower for them. Because they are flying back home, we were advised to give gift cards or other small, portable items. I had the idea to make her a wet bag for the diaper bag since I know they are planning on using cloth diapers. I have made small fabric pouches before so I figured I would do the same thing- just using PUL for the lining and increasing the size of the bag. I made the bag 13×16 because that was the size listed on the Amazon baby registry. The outside is cotton fabric from my stash. I sewed some velcro onto the strap to make it looped for convenience. The only note I would have about this project is that PUL is fairly slippery so you need to utilize quite a few pins to keep the fabrics lined up. This was a very quick and simple project and I’m happy with how it turned out. Hopefully they are as well. 🙂