Birthday Chair

A quick little project to share with you today…a rocking chair I recovered for my grandma’s birthday present. My mom owned the chair, and it had really old ratty fabric on the cushions. She asked me to re-do the chair for my grandma’s birthday because my grandma loves this rocking chair. I’ve already recovered two rocking chairs so this was pretty straight forward- take apart the old cushion fabric and use as a pattern for the new cushion covers (made from a twill fabric). The only change I would make is use a thicker fabric next time because the twill wasn’t quite as thick as we had anticipated and therefore didn’t turn out quite as professional-looking

rocking chair recover2

Once it was done, it needed a little something extra so I used some Ikea fabric in my stash to make a quick envelope backed pillow. That gave it the perfect pop and I think it’s super cute. Thankfully Grandma does too!

rocking chair recover


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