Let’s Quilt! part 3

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Modern Herringbone block

We used the tutorial from Sew, Mama, Sew’s Modern Block of the Month series to make this block. I love the end result of this block but the process was a bit strenuous. If I were making 12 inch blocks, it would have been no problem, but since I am making 18 inch blocks, the math became a bit sketchy. Deborah had posted an updated pattern for those of us using larger blocks but I messed up on some of the numbers and had to do some seam ripping and re-sewing. Math has never been my strong point! I think that if I ever make this block again, it will be much faster. However, the other thing I did not like about this block was that you end up cutting off quite a bit of fabric and, to me, that is somewhat of a waste. I do enjoy learning new skills though, and this block taught me some good math/block construction skills.

Double Nine Patch Block

I have always wanted to make nine patch blocks but never gotten around to it so I was happy that a block was included in this class. This block is a bit of a twist of the traditional nine patch because it includes large blocks of fabric in with the nine patch blocks. I had planned on doing a different layout, but as I looked through my fabric I realized that I had quite a few 2.5 inch strips left over from my Log Cabin and Rail Fence blocks- I even had a long strip already sewn together! I then decided to save time and use the fabrics already cut and combine them with a solid white Kona cotton to break up the scrappiness. I do so like how this turned out!

I’ve completed 4 out of the 10 blocks for this quilt class and learned so much already! Next up, I’ll be working on some HST (half-square triangles) as I make a double pinwheel block. I have learned so much already from this class and can’t believe it is almost half over 😦 . Every day I can’t wait to log in and see what new block we are working on!  Hopefully these blocks are inspiring you to learn some new skills as well!


4 thoughts on “Let’s Quilt! part 3

  1. I feel the same way every day around noon… I can’t help but peek at the website to see what I’ll be working on when I get home! It’s like a new surprise every day.

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