Let’s Quilt! part 1

I thought I would try to update regularly on the progress of my quilting class.  I will link all the posts together so they are easy to find and will be a fun way to look back and see the whole quilting process. Today we learned a lot about color schemes and fabric selection for our quilts, and I really enjoyed learning more about how to think through this process and not just randomly select colors you like. I bought some of the DS Quilts collection a while back intending to make a quilt with it and haven’t done anything with it since so I have decided to use this for my quilt. Choosing to use a designer’s collection makes fabric selection a bit easier, but I will also pick up some solids to coordinate with my prints. I’m thinking Kona cottons in white, pink and green to bring some balance to the busyness of the prints I have. In my quilts, I like to have enough solids to provide visual rest so that I  don’t go cross-eyed when looking at it. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Let’s Quilt! part 1

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