Finished Quilt!

I am so excited to show you a quilt that has been about 3 years in the making! After I made my very first quilt from a class I took in town, I was hooked on quilting. When a friend alerted me to the fact that a website was selling vintage reproduction prints for a clearance price of about 80 cents a fat quarter, I snatched some up with the goal of making another quilt. I researched all the ideas out there (pre-pinterest days made things more difficult 🙂 ) and found a pinwheel quilt that I liked. This quilt did not have instructions, just a finished pictured so I had to figure it out on my own. I combined my vintage prints with some polka dot charm squares and made a ton of half-square triangles. I then began sewing the HST together to make the pinwheels, got about halfway through, and stopped. Fast forward a few years up to a few months ago when I decided that it was high time for me to finally finish this quilt.

It has been so fun to finish this project. The original idea ended with the bricks stacked all around the border of the pinwheels, but I wanted this to be a nice lap size quilt so I added some Kona coal and Lizzy House Jewels to make it wider. I picked up the Jewel print a few months back out of the Whipstitch remnant bin and couldn’t be happier with how it blends into the quilt. Purple is my favorite color, and I think this quilt is a good representation of me. I hand quilted it with various Perle cottons and bound it in a Kona cotton purple (can’t remember exact shade). This is my second experience with hand-quilting and although I wouldn’t want to spend that much time with all my quilts, I did enjoy the process. For the backing, I used up the remained of the fat quarters and Kona cotton. I like the scrappy look of it.

Yay for finishing up another long-term project! Now back to making quilt squares for my current quilt class. I’m in the middle of several blocks and will post progress when finished with them.