Where I’ve been…

This past week has been quite full…. family time, a sick little man, car trips, hand quilting, and practicing new skills. I so enjoyed the family time we had with the hub’s extended family, but I am very happy to be back in my own house and on a normal schedule again! Since we’ve been back, the poor little man has not been feeling well and has needed extra momma time- resulting in less sewing time for me. Oh well, he’s only little for a short time, so I need to enjoy every minute, right? I did sneak some time in during our 8 hour drive home to finish the hand-quilting on my quilt. Just have to add the binding and it’s done! I have also been working on some new projects that I hope will turn into more of a lucrative venture for me… more to come on that if it works out!

A photo collage of said activities…

my nephews and their handmade vests

new fun project!

rough day on the job

hand quilting- check!



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