Bernina 350 PE- Year in Review

I’ve had my sewing machine for a year now, and I thought I would post a little of my thoughts/opinions on this machine now that I’ve had this long to use it. When I was researching machines, I read quite a few reviews and wished I could have found more, so here’s my two cents worth for anyone out there researching for themselves.

Bernina 350-SPECIAL EDITION---Flower design

My machine is the Bernina 350 PE. Before this machine, I didn’t really have any experience sewing with anything other than basic Singers. After using this machine for a year, I think I can safely say that I will never sew on anything but a Bernina ever again. Even though my machine is one of the more basic models, it has plenty of extras for all my needs. I love its solid construction- I can sew on it for hours and it holds up like a champ! I actually think the 350 is the perfect in-between model for the basic sewist. It’s a step up from basic, so you get a few extras like the walking foot, quilting foot, and some more stitch capabilities, but it doesn’t have all the computerization (and hefty price tag) of the 500+ series.

I have really enjoyed free motion quilting on this machine. I mean, I was able to quilt a king size quilt on this baby! Definitely would not have been able to do that on my old Singer.

One feature I would definitely recommend is the walking foot. I had a walking foot that came with my old Singer, and I was never a big fan of it. In contrast, I use the walking foot all the time with my Bernina- knits, quilting, binding, etc. My only complaint with my walking foot is that it is pretty squeaky, but they were hoping to oil it up some during the tune-up so I’m hoping that will fix that problem.

Another recommendation I have is to go with a local provider. It is so handy to have my local Bernina store to run to when I have any questions or problems with my machine. I think that the 6 week class I took there (that came with my machine purchase) was the best help in teaching me how to use my machine effectively.

sewing room

My final thoughts- I think that this machine will last me for many years. It’s been one year and it still runs just as great as it did when I brought it home. If you are looking for a good quality, well-running machine I highly recommend the Bernina. I am so glad that I got one way sooner than I ever thought I would (Thanks to my amazing husband and his Valentine’s surprise last year!) because it has changed my sewing.  I feel that it has taken me to the next level and made sewing so much easier. I think the money investment has paid off in the fact that I spend way less time fiddling with my machine because I can’t get it to work like I wanted it to. Like I said before, I don’t have any experience with the other big machine brands (Viking, Janome, Juki, etc.) but I know that the Bernina is a good solid machine to choose.


My New Baby

And here she is…

Bernina 350-SPECIAL EDITION---Flower design

Oh wait, hope you weren’t expecting pictures of a real baby. 🙂 That’s another 12 weeks in the making- though I’m ready for that baby to be here as well! Here’s my special present from a very sweet hubby. I was surprised on Valentine’s Day with the offer to go pick out one of two options at the Bernina store. This little scenario came about with my frustration at the inability of my Singer machine to keep up with the demands of constant sewing- leading to my trying a friend’s Bernina and becoming hooked on how amazing it was!

However I had figured this was something I would have to work and wait for another several years. The hubs was so impressed at the quality of the Berninas and how well they keep their resale value that he decided I should go ahead and get one now since I could put it to immediate good use. Just so happened that the local Bernina store was having a great sale and had ordered the special edition which came with an extra free-motion quilting foot at a cute skin. For those inquiring minds, this is a Bernina 350 PE.

My actual machine… Isn’t is so pretty?

I am loving my new baby…might be neglecting the other baby in the house to play on this thing. 😉 Free motion quilting is a dream on this thing! It’s amazing how smooth sewing can be… the Bernina brand definitely lives up to it’s hype. I was waiting a few weeks to write my blog review on this machine because I wanted to try it out for a bit, and I am here to tell you that I am still super happy with it. I don’t know all the ins and out of my machine yet, but my mastery classes begin in April, and I can’t wait to find out all the special things that it can do. Meanwhile I’m having fun learning on my own. I’ve got two quilts to be quilted on the list for next week and can’t wait to see how this baby does with them! And now I have my present for Valentine’s Day, birthday, anniversary, and most likely Christmas. 🙂 One stop shopping for the hubby!