Valentine’s Mini Quilts

mug rug and runner (2 of 6)I’ve been struggling with my sew-jo the last few weeks and just have not had the drive to tackle all the projects spinning in my head. All last week I wanted to make some more valentines decor but just couldn’t decide what I wanted to do. Finally this week, I got a little inspiration and whipped up these two little mini quilts and I’m so happy with them!

mug rug and runner (3 of 6)This first mini is a table runner for my dining room table. I had some leftover valentine-ish fabric from when I used to sell baby onesies and wanted to use it to make a heart runner. I just did not have the patience or brain space to figure out how to piece this to make a legit heart runner so I totally just appliquéd the hearts onto some white Kona. Easy peasy! Then I had some fun with the quilting and decided to try to free motion some hearts in my loop-de-loop. It’s definitely messy but I kinda love how it turned out! Lots of pink and white and red all meshed together…perfect for some cheerful decorations.

mug rug and runner (1 of 6)I had a little bit of the arrow fabric left so I appliquéd two more hearts onto a smaller white square and ended up with this little mug rug. Since there’s less white space on this mini, I decided to stick with some straight line quilting in coordinating thread. I was afraid it would look too busy otherwise. I don’t have a lot of decorations out on my coffee and side tables in my living room because kids. (need I say more?), but I have started keeping some seasonal mug rugs out and I love how they brighten up the room and add a little something special. Plus I love to drink my tea so they are actually quite handy for my mugs!

mug rug and runner (4 of 6)Now that I’ve got these sewn up so quickly, I’m wondering why I dragged my feet all last week on these projects! I know not everyone decorates for Valentine’s Day, but I can’t resist a chance to be cheesy and I do think hearts everywhere just brighten up a room! Plus Oliver is now used to my decorating and asked why we didn’t have Valentines stuff up last week…that kid is getting way too observant!

mug rug and runner (5 of 6)This won’t get too much use this year as it’s so close to the actual holiday, but now I’ll have some stuff ready to put out next year when February rolls around! And I may just leave it up till the end of the month…just because I can. 🙂 mug rug and runner (6 of 6)


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