Dr Seuss Halloween Quilt

spooktacular dr seuss quilt (4 of 7)

Here’s the second project I made with the Spooktacular Seuss fabric. You can see the first project here. I wanted to make something that we could enjoy for longer than one season so a quilt seemed like the logical choice. I don’t quilt very often but it is fun to have holiday themed quilts. I actually made a Grinch one last year that I never blogged so I’ll try to get pics of that this season! You will notice, I’m not an intricate piecer. My sewing time is so limited and Halloween was coming so quickly that in order to get this finished, I needed to do something quick and easy. While fancy quilts are nice, in my house they never get completed!

spooktacular dr seuss quilt (5 of 7)

I decided to have fun with the Suess theme and go with stripes of various widths and colors- pulling from the colors in the main fabric. I found all of these Kona cottons as my local Hobby Lobby. They don’t have a huge selection but they are close by my house so I was happy to see that they had exactly the colors I needed. I got a half yard of each fabric and cut a few different widths to get the length I wanted for the quilt. I used the entire width of the fabric to make the quilt as wide as possible. It ends up being a great lap quilt size about 41×62″.

spooktacular dr seuss quilt (1 of 7)Once I had the front pieced, I used up all the remaining Konas for a random striping back. I didn’t even lay the colors out beforehand- just picked up the next one in line and sewed them all up. I love how fun the back turned out! I had a few little Seuss people left from the boys’ applique shirts so I appliquéd them to the back of the quilt to give the boys something fun to look for and give the back a little more interest. I can’t decide if I’m 100% sold on whether they add to or take away from the quilt, but the boys really like them so that fulfilled my main purpose.spooktacular dr seuss quilt (7 of 7)

I used a curvy stitch on my machine to quilt lines at random widths across the quilt. That meant I didn’t have to stress about how even my lines were, plus the waviness adds to the Seuss effect. The binding is pieced from random leftover bits I had on hand- aqua, purple and orange. It’s the first time I’ve done a pieced binding and I kinda love it!

spooktacular dr seuss quilt (2 of 7)This was pieced over the weekend and then quilted and bound yesterday. Super crazy fast for me, but I’ve learned to push through and finish something like this while I’m in the mood or it will languish undone forever. I’m pretty excited to have a fun Halloween quilt to pull out every season and put on my quilt ladder! Though if I’m being honest, this will probably stay out until Thanksgiving so we can really have time to enjoy it. The boys (and I 🙂 ) love snuggling under quilts- especially ones with Horton and the Grinch. I wish I could say that in Eliot’s Grinch voice for you. It’s the most adorable thing. He quotes lines from the Grinch movie in his mean Grinchy voice and I just die. We are kinda Dr. Seuss fans over here, can you tell? 😉 spooktacular dr seuss quilt (3 of 7)


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