Southport Dress for Imagine Gnats

I’m over at Imagine Gnats today with this awesome Southport dress….Head over here to see more pics and read all about my new-found love of rayon challis- after overcoming a complete fear of it. Yep, I’m still a scaredy cat sometimes when it comes to sewing with new substrates. And I wouldn’t normally choose a print quite this bright and bold but I’m actually loving it in this dress.

rayon challis southport (4 of 5)


4 thoughts on “Southport Dress for Imagine Gnats

  1. One reason i follow your blog is because you are always altering your patterns to increase modesty, a basic comfort for moms, who, like you said, are always holding children, or bending over to talk to them. I find so many store bought clothes leave me feeling exposed or popping out or uncomfortable in some way, i usually end up wearing sack like clothing. Your blog is an inspiration to me, to sew better fitting clothing, that works for me.

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