Striped Sailboat Top

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You know those days where you have to-do lists a mile long, but you just wanna blow them off and do something completely different? That was me earlier this week. I’ve had this Oliver+S sailboat pattern for oh, about 2 years and I have just never gotten around to making it. I just realized that my copy only goes up to a size 3T and Oliver is wearing 3T, occasionally 4, so he’s about to size out of this pattern.

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This was no where on my list, but I just decided to have some fun and go for it. After all, I couldn’t let him size out of a pattern before I’d even made him something from it, could I? I pulled out this great heavyweight striped knit that I got at Mill End in Portland (why, oh why did I not buy more knits while I was in fabric mecca?) and got to work.

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This top was seriously so quick to whip up! The reason I’d been putting it off so long is that I was afraid it would be long and complicated, and I just didn’t have time to put into it. Yeah, it was so much faster than I’d anticipated and very straightforward. It really only took me a couple of hours from start to finish- including tracing the pattern and cutting out the fabric. I love that this knit is a heavier weight so it feel more like a sweater- which is what Oliver needs more of for this fall. I also love the swingy shape of the top and the contrast buttons. I started out using an orange contrast thread for the facings but didn’t like the look it gave the top so I ripped it out and used an off-white instead. This way the orange buttons really pop.

sailboat top (1 of 8)My only complaint is that it’s just a wee bit too short so it won’t be too long before he grows out of it. It shouldn’t be too big of a deal this winter though because he will probably be layering another shirt underneath this one. However, If I make him another one, I will add a few inches to the bottom hem to make the top last a little longer.

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Every time I use an Oliver+S pattern, I fall in love with them a little bit more. The instructions are just so well written and you end up with such a professional finish. Bonus part is this was a paper pattern so a nice break from all the printing and taping I’ve been doing for pdf patterns recently!

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I have another yard of this same knit in a coordinating color way- with blue being the main stripe and off-white the smaller one and am debating on making Eliot a sailboat top from that. Too match-matchy? Hmmm…Feel free to weigh in your opinion in the comments! I don’t dress them alike too often but they get a kick out of it right now so it’s fun to do it every now and then…

sailboat top (2 of 8)FYI his jeans are the small fry skinnies I made him for vintage may. I think they are one of the most-worn items of clothing I have made him and he gets compliments on them all the time. Definitely worth the time I put into them!



7 thoughts on “Striped Sailboat Top

  1. DEFINITELY MAKE ONE FOR ELIOT! This is super adorable and speaking from experience (I made a gray and white stripe heavy french terry one for O a couple years ago) he will wear it tons! I think you’re right about the length of the shirt though, thanks for the reminder. Gonna have to go ahead and copy you…Mill End you say? 🙂

    • Yep, Mill End…I found this particular knit at the one in Beaverton….:) I was afraid it would be too tough for the boys bc it was stiff but it washed up really nicely! Perfect for fall/winter layering. And now I’ve got one for Eliot on my to-do list as well! Especially since I know how quick it sews up!

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  3. What a fantastic boy outfit. I need to make another Sailboat top for my son before he outgrows the big pattern! Thanks for the reminder. Together with those jeans your little guy is looking seriously well dressed. There are never too many striped tops in one household.

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