Maritime Shorts: Blast from the Past

Note: Happy fourth of July to all my American friends! I’ve been trying to get this post published for several days but just now finally was able to finish it up. Sorry that it’s not super festive for this holiday weekend. I did actually manage to pull together some matching patriotic tanks for the boys (finished this morning-lol) but you’ll have to wait until next week to see those!maritime shorts- new pics (1 of 2)


So this pair of shorts is actually from last summer and never got blogged…because they just now fit! I made this pair of maritime shorts as my wearable muslin version, and I think I was dreaming about the reality of my after-baby body and they ended up being way too small. Yeah, oops. Well anyway I am happy to report that they do, indeed (mostly) fit me now as long as I haven’t eaten too much ice cream the day before. 😉

maritime shorts (3 of 7)

I made these with a Joel Dewberry cotton sateen fabric (bought on clearance a while back). It’s technically a home dec weight but I think it’s perfect for shorts! They have enough weight to them that the shorts feel substantial but not too heavy where they feel bulky and hot.

maritime shorts (4 of 7)

The pattern is the Maritime Shorts by Grainline Studios.I made up a straight size 6 with no pattern mods. You can see my complete review of this pattern on my second version blogged here.  Let me just say it is definitely not a quick pattern but very rewarding results! I would suggest that you follow along with Jen’s picture tutorial on her blog because there are parts of the instructions that are a bit confusing otherwise, especially if you aren’t super familiar with constructing zip flys.

maritime shorts (2 of 7)

I’m pretty proud of how well I managed to pattern match on the back pockets- without even really meaning to! (And that is the only reason I’m actually showing you this cropped version of my backside…but you had to see the pockets! the things we put on the internet for blogging sake- 🙂 ) I think if I make them again- and I still have plans for another pair or two this summer, I might take in the legs just a tiny bit and lengthen the shorts also. Just to play around with it and see if I like that better. I’d love to make a lace overlay version if only I wasn’t in a fabric diet right now! Gotta use up what’s in my stash before I can get anything else.

maritime shorts (7 of 7)

I just got my new tripod in the mail so I got to experiment with the remote and tripod this morning! Not 100% great with this thing, but I’m learning. Still think the husband is a better photographer but it’s nice to able to get a photoshoot done without having to wait for him to be available!

maritime shorts (1 of 7)


Next up, I need to make a basic top to coordinate with all my colored bottoms! I’m really struggling with matching up some of my shorts and skirts to the right tops. It seems like my flowy tops don’t match with the flowy skirts so I end up wearing shorts every day. But sometimes I need something a little nicer than a pair of summer shorts. I’m not a pencil skirt person but think maybe I should be. I think I might make myself a short-sleeve or sleeveless Archer in a neutral shade to work on mix and matching my wardrobe! Anyone struggle with coordination in their handmade (or store-bought) wardrobe?

maritime shorts- new pics (2 of 2)


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