Quilted Laptop Sleeve

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There’s been lots of behind-the-scene sewing happening here this week that I am hoping to get to share with you soon! Husband is out of town for the week on a mission’s trip and while single parenting is hard stuff, there is a plus side in that I have nothing else to do all evening after the boys go to bed but sew. 🙂 Oh and watch Call the Midwife. Anyone else loving that show? I signed up for a free month of Netflix solely to binge watch it this week.
Anywho check out my new laptop sleeve- loving it! And v. proud of self because I did all the maths for the dimensions and they worked out perfectly. If you know me, you will understand why that is such an exciting thing. Math and Me- not usually friends.

macbook caseI used the ipad cover tutorial over at One Shabby Chick to get an idea for the construction, then tweaked the dimensions to fit my 13” macbook air laptop. I did not do the flap at the top that she suggests. The case has a two layers of batting (one on exterior and one on interior fabric) and interfacing on the exterior fabric so it is a nice, sturdy sleeve. I also did straight line quilting on the exterior pieces to keep the fabrics in place.

samples (10 of 13)Exterior fabric is a Flea Market Fancy print and interior is a Lizzy House print that I’ve been hoarding for a while. It’s a fun pop of color for the inside! Also check out the Lizzy House Gelaskin that I got for the laptop. If you follow my IG (@oliversfancy) you saw that I was being very indecisive about which one to buy but I ended up with this Lizzy House and am pretty happy about it. In my experience LH is always the correct answer 🙂 I’m happy to finally have something to keep my laptop safe and sound!

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3 thoughts on “Quilted Laptop Sleeve

  1. What a fun project! My husband was out of town earlier this month and I had grand visions of watching tv and getting all kinds of sewing done. But then my son was going through a super-early rising phase and I was exhausted. After I got the kids to bed I had enough energy to do the dishes and that’s about it. Oh well! I do love Call the Midwife, though. Great show!

    • Oh I hear ya on the lack of sleep! I got so sleep deprived, it’s not even funny. But I discovered I cannot make myself go to bed when I’m alone at night so I stayed up super late anyway- probably not the best life choice. lol.

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