KCW Days 1&2: Bimaa Hoodie

bimaa hoodie

For my first Kid’s Clothes Week challenge, I give you the Bimaa hoodie. I have two things to say about it…

  1. I’m going to learn to use my serger- STAT
  2. Can there be anything more adorable than a 2 year old in a hoodie? I think not.

bimaa hoodie

But seriously, I absolutely love this pattern and I cannot wait to make many more of them! My only sadness is that I don’t know how to use my serger yet (beginning Craftsy serger class next week!) because that would make this hoodie ridiculously fast to put together. As it is, it’s still a fairly quick and easy pattern. I used my walking foot and a jersey needle for the entire thing and didn’t have any problems with the construction.

bimaa hoodie

The main fabric is a clearance jersey blend knit ($3/yard!!) from Girl Charlee. It isn’t a 4 way stretch like the pattern recommends and as a result, it’s a bit snug on him even though I sized up to the 3T but I kinda like that it shows off a bit of the toddler belly. He loves it and didn’t take it off all afternoon so it’s a win all around. If I use another similar knit, I will size up to the 4T so he will get more wear out of it.

bimaa hoodie

To make this even more perfect, we got snow this afternoon! Y’all it rarely snows here so this is a special occurance. My hubby took O outside to play in the snow, and I coerced him to snap a few pictures of O in his Bimaa before we put his jacket on. Poor little fellow lasted about 2 minutes before he was begging for gloves so I don’t have a good full body shot but thankfully the husband is a master photographer and managed to take these adorable (IMO) pictures in that short period of time.
kid's clothes week


16 thoughts on “KCW Days 1&2: Bimaa Hoodie

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    • Thanks! I had to go get more triangle knit after KCW was over bc I was loving it so much. 🙂 you won’t regret getting some for yourself! And I’m happy to say I’m getting used to the serger and can’t wait to try it out on some clothing- will make it so much faster.

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