Kids Clothes Week Fall 2013

kid's clothes week
This past week was Kid’s Clothes Week, and while I am late reporting in on my productivity, I did get a few things finished (or mostly finished) last week. When taking inventory of the boys’ clothes, I realized they could both use some more church clothes. Perfect time for me to try out the Oliver + S Sketchbook Shirt pattern that I picked up during their end of summer inventory sale.

Sketchbook shirt

I have been saving Ian’s old button down shirts for this very purpose and got one out to perform surgery on for this pattern. I started out with one for Eliot. Let me tell you, I have decided that from now on, all button down shirts I make for the boys will be short sleeved! Although the little tiny cuffs and button plackets are so adorable, they require way too much time and work! Much easier to make a simple short sleeve and then wear a long sleeve shirt underneath if need be! I actually ran out of time to put the buttons on the shirt so you will see Mr. E wearing safety pins to hold himself together! Sketchbook shirt


The shirt turned out really well but a little big. He’s growing quickly though so I anticipate him getting quite a bit of use out of this shirt before winter is over.


Now as far as my other KCW project, it involved Oliver’s Halloween outfit and I haven’t been able to get good pics of him wearing it yet so expect that post to come up sometime on Friday, after our trick or treating experience. Let me just say that I think it’s pretty adorable even if it is very simple and practical. I’ll leave you with an IG picture as a hint. 😉



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