F is for Fanfare flannel fabulousness

When I saw Rae’s preview of her new fabric line months ago, I knew that come this fall I would have to have it! Foxes, elephants, and bunting all in organic cotton flannel…need I say more? Thankfully right after it came out, Pink Castle Fabrics had an amazing 30% off sale and I stocked up! Got enough for some pjs for the boys, pj pants for me, and a little extra for other misc. projects that come up needing soft, cozy fabrics. 🙂

I have been so busy that I hadn’t had a chance to dig into them yet but determined to make something with them this week after seeing Rae’s Fanfare blogger’s tour full of amazing ideas!

I have to admit that Eliot’s outfit is a partial copy of probably actually… I had already planned on making him the pants but loved her idea with the onesie applique to go with. Eliot’s pants are the Oliver + S bedtime story pajama pants. Love the coordinating waistband and hems on this pant pattern.

fanfare pjs

Oliver’s pants are Rae’s Parsley Pants… (double Rae factor with the fabric and pattern 🙂 ) One note on the pants: when I went to pull out the pattern, I realized I never printed the final version- I just have the tester version which is a bit baggier than the final version. However the cut is perfect for pajama bottoms so I went ahead and used it. Also Oliver picked out his elephant fabric all by himself. I bought enough of the elephants and foxes that he had several choices, (in fact I had planned on using the gray elephants for him) and I asked him several times which fabric he wanted. Every time he asked for the blue elephants. I am finding it fun that he now has an opinion about what I make him- although I know that works in reverse too!

fanfare pjs

I just love the softness of this flannel! I want to keep the boys in their pajamas all day! Now if only someone could tell me the trick of how to get a good photoshoot with a toddler and a baby, I’d be all set! Also the settings were weird on my camera and I couldn’t quite fix them so everything is a bit pixelated. Boo! 😦

fanfare pjs

fanfare pjs

I have more fanfare set aside to make pajama pants for me and hope I can find the time to get to that very soon!! By the way, these outfits were done just in time to coordinate with no big dill’s sew all 26 letter F!


5 thoughts on “F is for Fanfare flannel fabulousness

  1. Your pants you made are so so cute! (But not as cute as the little ones wearing them :). I took advantage of pink castles’s 30% off sale too for some quilt backs, the washi dress pattern, and some Chicopee yardage for the dress. Wish me luck on the washi dress, it will be the first thing I ever make for myself.

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