DIY Fall Wreath and Bunting

It has finally started to feel a bit like fall around here, and I have been getting the itch to change up the decor again. I think I’ve mentioned this before but I really enjoy the change of seasons because it gives me a chance to do some purging and re-organizing, leaving the house feeling less cluttered and more open. I don’t do a lot of decorating for each season, but I like to change out the living and dining room a bit with some little touches here and there.

maple leaf bunting

Until this week I still had the spring decor up since a certain little baby’s arrival took away my decorating urge this summer. I had some wreaths made up from last year but I didn’t really like them and was inspired by this Pin to try my hand at a new one. I liked this final result so much that I made a little bunting for my windows to match. The hubs said he feels like we are in Canada with all the maple leaves. I still think the windows need something else but haven’t decided yet what that will be… Feel free to chime in with ideas!

fall wreath fall wreath

By the way, I cut out all the little maple leaves by hand using a template provided in the link above (the original Pin). I doubled the felt and sewed the pairs together with perle cotton, then glued them to the yarn-wrapped wreath. The bunting is strung up with perle cotton, but it is just single leaves because I was getting a blister from cutting so much felt that I didn’t want to make those a double layer as well. 🙂

maple leaf bunting


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