Sewing Room Remodel

For quite a while now, we (especially the hubs) have been wanting to redo my craft room. The room had had random plastic organizers and such added to it until it was quite cluttered looking, and my hubby hates clutter! On a recent Ikea trip, we picked up a solid oak tabletop from the as-is section for super cheap and decided that I could use that as a sewing/cutting table. I am super excited about this because I really wanted a long table where I could have both my sewing machine and serger set up- therefore hopefully actually using my serger.

sewing room sewing room sewing room

My wonderful husband had the brilliant idea that the best way to organize was to take everything out of the room and then only put back select items so that the room would not get cluttered again. In addition to the Ikea tabletop, we picked up an Ikea Expedit unit from a local store that was closing and selling their furnishings. Perfect timing for the room redo!

sewing room sewing room

I am loving my new room! I really like the open layout and lack of clutter now. FYI most of my fabric stash is in the closet which I “forgot” to open and take a picture of… oops. I have a shelving unit in the closet filled with plastic tubs in which the fabric (up to a yard) is organized by color. The yardage and my sewing books and patterns are in the expedit unit. The blue bookshelf holds all my etsy shop supplies- onesies and hoop fabrics.

sewing room sewing room sewing room

I had gift wrap and a present stash stored in this room, but we were able to find other storage spaces in the house for that stuff. I also got rid of some clutter and junk I didn’t need- sold my super old Singer on craigslist. Woot! I am still on the lookout for a cool chair and a shelving unit to put under the left side of the table. I also have this blank wall waiting for some sewing-related decor and hopefully some more mini-quilts. So still some work to be done but a happy place to create in the meantime.

sewing room

This rug has special significance because learning how to make these rugs was what sparked my interest in re-entering the crafting world… and the rest is history 🙂

sewing room sewing room


4 thoughts on “Sewing Room Remodel

    • Haha. Thanks! Well unfortunately I don’t get much of the credit for the moving furniture part since I’m way too big for that. Ian did a lot of the work for me and I directed traffic :). So I prolly wouldn’t be much good to you at this point!

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