Kid’s Clothes Week Day 3: Another Flashback Tee

Day 3:

  • Finished Dress Shirt from Day 2: hemmed sleeves and finished off all side seams
  • Blue Stripe Flashback Tee completed

FST Blue Stripe

Sure hope you are not tired of seeing these flashback skinny tees because I am most definitely not tired of making them. 🙂 We have been so blessed to have quite a few clothes passed down to us from various people, but as I was going through Oliver’s summer wardrobe, he really does need some dressier tees and dress shirts so that’s what I am focusing on this KCW.

FST Blue Stripe

This blue stripe tee is one of my faves so far. It’s from an old tank top that I picked up at a thrift store a while back in order to have practice knits. It’s a nice thick jersey material but super stretchy, so it definitely was the hardest knit I’ve worked with yet. I had barely enough fabric to make this tee…had to do some creative layout and cutting to get my shirt.

FST Blue Stripe

Thankfully I was able to use the existing hem for the bottom of the shirt and only had to hem the sleeves. Also because this is super stretchy, I could use the fabric itself for the neck binding, and it fits over Oliver’s head! I was debating on adding a pocket to the tee but as I was cutting the pocket out, nap time ended so I decided that was my sign to be done with the tee. 🙂 Tomorrow my goal is to attempt a polo refashion. Wish me luck!

FST Blue Stripe

FST Blue Stripe


1 thought on “Kid’s Clothes Week Day 3: Another Flashback Tee

  1. Love it! I’m a bit obsessed with making Flashback tees too. I think my son would be topless if it weren’t for that pattern! Sounds like my son isn’t the only one with a massive head too!

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