Parsley Pants Take 3: The Tuxedo Stripe

To kick off Kid’s Clothes Week, I am presenting the third (and my personal favorite) version I made of the parsley pants (Update: Pattern is now available!). This pair was made with some red bottomweight fabric (I think it’s denim) that I picked up a while back in mind for pants for Oliver. The third pair of parsley pants has one main modification from the other two- I took them in an inch on the tuxedo stripe line to make them more slim cut. I believe the final pattern version of this pant will be taken in 3/4 of an inch over the tester version- making them a little less straight cut than this version but not quite as baggy as the pj or linen pinstripe pants.

Parsley Pants- Red Tuxedo Stripe

I also added a chevron tuxedo stripe down the side and some patch pockets on the back. This look was inspired by Rae’s version here. The tuxedo stripe is an option given in the pattern itself, but I improvised the patch pockets. I just think these are the cutest things ever! And the fit is superb!! I have to tell you how excited I am that this pattern has a snug enough waist to stay up, but enough room in the seat to make it fit well with both cloth and disposable diapers! I did the flat front finish with elastic backing again, and I have decided that this is my favorite finish for a more professional-looking pair of pants. The full elastic waist is great for pajamas, but the flat front looks a bit more polished for everyday wear.

Parsley Pants- Red Tuxedo Stripe

um, seriously, what is this model pose, here?

um, seriously, what is this model pose, here?

Our photoshoot got rained out so I don’t have a ton of good pictures to share with you, but I did manage to get a few. However I have to pull up a phone picture to really show off the back of these pants…

Parsley Pants- Red Tuxedo Stripe

Parsley Pants- Red Tuxedo Stripe

FYI, we took these pics at the same time we took pics of my maternity shirt and Oliver was copying my pose in this picture…too funny how much they notice at this age!

Parsley Pants- Red Tuxedo Stripe

Now to get started on my KCW list! I bought the flashback skinny tee pattern this weekend and have a bunch of Ian’s old shirts set aside to make some tees for Oliver- hopefully some of them coordinate with his new pants! Here’s a somewhat loosely organized list of what I hope to accomplish this week… aiming high like always:)


5 thoughts on “Parsley Pants Take 3: The Tuxedo Stripe

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  2. Love these pants you’ve sewn up! I was wondering if, in your opinion, these could work well with a prefold cloth diapered 2.5 year old…..maybe extending at the sides too? thanks so much!

    • Well my son is just now 2 and they work great for him. We wear pocket cloth diapers. But he is really skinny and normal pants do not stay up on him unless he’s wearing cloth. They did add some space in the seat for the size 2&3 to allow for diapers. But if you needed a little more room, it would be super easy to move the pattern over at the foldline.

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