Love is in the Air

With Valentine’s Day coming up next week, I thought I would share a few of my own decorations I have collected over the last few years. After Christmas decor comes down, I get tired of all the blah winter decorations and get the urge to put up Valentine’s stuff. I don’t go super crazy but a few touches here and there make me smile, and help pass the time between Christmas and Spring. Because you know, here in the South, I consider Spring to come after Valentine’s day and think it’s perfectly appropriate for me to begin setting out my Spring decor when I take down all the hearts. πŸ™‚ If I’m wrong, just leave me to my happy delusion.

Valentine Heart Wreath

Several years ago I saw tutorials posted on the Idea Room for both this Valentine Heart wreath and topiary. I liked them so much that I decided to try them out for myself. The heart wreath graces in the inside of my front door. Oh that door’s not finished, you say? Just keeping it real, people! I took a bit of a different take on the topiary and instead of just having one in a vase, I made three to group together like a flower arrangement for my dining room table. I love the results, and they are all quite easy to make. The only caveat is that your hands get kind of sore after cutting out what seems like gazillions of felt circles! I would advise doing this tedious part during a movie or a craft night with friends to make it more fun.

Valentine Balls

I cannot remember where I saw this idea for the stuffed hearts, but they are a fun addition to my china cabinet this year. Also I cut out a bunch of hearts from scrapbook paper and sewed together a small garland which is hanging out in the china cabinet with the stuffed hearts. Trying to take a picture of my china cabinet was a creative exercise! Maybe if I had taken the time to clean the table off, it wouldn’t have been so difficult as the table junk kept reflecting in the cabinet doors. πŸ™‚

Valentine HeartsValentine hearts and garland

I also have some old windows on the wall in my living room that I like to change up with the seasons. I put the yoyo garland up for winter and then just kept it and added a yarn-wrapped wreath and another wreath (bought at target) to make it more festive.

valentine windows


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