New Year Update…

And we’re back! That was a bit of an unintended, extended break, but we are back up and running folks! Wanna see what’s been taking up all my time and energy?
Baby #2 Ultrasound

Yep, you got it…another little rugrat will be running around our house come June. And we are excited to announce that it is yet another boy child so let the boy crafting keep coming! No ruffles and bows at this house, peeps. Having an active toddler running around while going through the loveliness that is pregnancy sure has set me back a bit. However crafting must still go on and I am excited to get back into this space and share some fun projects I have been working on. To begin with, let’s just do a quick recap of what’s happened since I last visited this space. Most of the pics will be instagram since these were all captured on the go.


I was in two craft fairs. The first craft fair was a small, local affair and I must admit to being a bit disappointed at the amount of money I made for all the work involved. The second craft fair was located just a little ways from me in Columbia, SC and turned out to be a huge success! I loved everything about the Crafty Feast and hope to make it an annual event! My thoughts on craft fairs- they are tons of work, but if you pick the right one, the outcome can be quite good. I think I will pick one or two a year to focus on because any more than that is too much time for this part-time crafty mama.

My first little craft fair booth

Second craft fair- notice the new contraption the hubs made me to keep my hoops on. This worked out great!


I didn’t set too many goals for Christmas crafting because my last craft fair was December 15 and I knew that I wouldn’t have much time for handmade gifts this year. I did manage to make a few things though. I made a little side table topper for my mother to match a vintage quilt in her guest room. This was a fun, easy little project. I used a quarter square triangle tutorial to make a version of the Ohio Star block

The other big Christmas gift I managed to make was a Clemson quilt for my brother. This was a joint venture with my parents. They asked me if I would make the quilt if they provided all the materials. I don’t have any pictures of the finished quilt- seriously, how terrible is that? However, I made the quilt was a copy of the one I made my dad for Father’s Day so I’ll cheat and show you a picture of that one as an example.


That about wraps it up for now. I am hosting a baby shower at my house this weekend and I cannot wait to show you the cute decorations we have made in preparation for this shower. However, the decor is a surprise to the mama-to-be so I shall have to wait till next week to reveal the cuteness. 🙂 I will be back later this week to show some fun house projects that I have completed in anticipation of all the visitors that will be here on Saturday.



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