Washi Dress #2

Are you sick of washi’s yet? Well obviously I’m not because I have another one to show you. 🙂 When Pink Castle Fabrics was having their huge $5/yard sale a few weeks back, I immediately thought that would be a good opportunity to pick up some yardage for another washi dress. I have loved Flea Market Fancy for a long time and never had a reason to buy any so I picked some out for my dress. I la, la, love the way this fabric looks as a dress! Now I wish I had bought more fabric during the sale because I really want to make another tunic. Alas, my fabric budget is way overspent and I must embrace some self-control. Boo! Plus, I do have quite a few other projects lingering on the back burners while I have been having so much washi fun.

Without further ado, here is my dress. I decided to forgo the u cutout on this one to give it some variety from my other ones. I also raised the neckline 1/2 inch so that I wouldn’t have to worry about it being too low. I think I could have left it the way it was, but I didn’t want to have to worry about wearing a tank under it.  I also took the sides in an additional 1/4 inch because it was a trifle big.

The only problem I have is the gapping in the front bodice. If I stand straight and pull the shoulders out, it lays nice and flat. As soon as I move around, though, it starts to gap a bit. You can see it in the pictures. I would like to figure out why that happened but it’s not enough of a problem to keep me from enjoying the dress. I thought the shot cotton was comfy. This is even comfier!! Seriously folks, I may start putting shirring in all my clothes because it makes the most amazing fit! I love that this dress gives me the opportunity to wear my red shoes. 🙂 I am also excited about being able to wear this dress all throughout the fall with my red cardigan and some leggings!

I have learned so much from making these Washis. With this third one, I feel that I have finally hit my stride. It is the most professional-looking garment that I have made, and I am very proud of it. Who knew making your own clothing could feel so rewarding? One word of advice I would give is to make sure you buy quality fabric. I can tell the difference in good quality fabric just as you can when you buy good quality clothing. I have now become a fabric snob and would rather save up for the better quality than buy cheapo quality and have it fall apart on me! I am looking forward to expanding my skills into other garments and would like some suggestions for clothing patterns you have used and liked.  Now to find someone to donate the money for the fabric all these clothes require. 😉

Reminder: Washi Dress and Tunic Pattern can be bought here.



8 thoughts on “Washi Dress #2

  1. This is too cute….and with the red shoes! I already have 3 more planned, you are going to make me want to do another one. Does your bodice gap open on the other versions? Something similar happened to me recently when I lowered a neckline on a pattern. I fixed it (I had made a muslin) by pinning out the fullness at the center front, measuring how much that was, and shifting the fold line over by that amount when I cut out my final version. This took it out of the center where the problem was, rather than trying to pull it in at the side seams. I think this happens sometimes with a fuller bust. You don’t need as much fabric at the neckline as your do at your bust, and therefore you get the gap. You can try pinning out the fullness at the center front (not a full tuck the whole way down, as you don’t want it tighter over your bust). Transfer it to your flat pattern, tapering the amount to nothing once you hit the bust. I hope that made sense. Here is a tutorial I found that explains it: http://phatchickdesigns.blogspot.com/2008/07/fitting-tutorial-removing-neck-gape.html

    • Thanks! I know, seeing everyone’s versions makes me wanting to make more myself. Must. Stop, Soon! That’s very helpful and I think I will do that with the next one. I didn’t really notice gapping with the others but I think it’s because I did the cutout on them.

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  3. Possibly you could run some thin elastic on the inside of the neckline (under the facing if you can get to it), and then on the outside, cover the stitching line for the elastic with some red cording or zig zag? That might be enough to pull it up on this garment.

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