Tova Top #3 and a request for advice

Well I am finally going to unveil my latest selfish sewing project- Tova #3. I was waiting to show this to you because I took it to New York and thought I could get some cool pictures with it, but,alas, I wore it on a very hot day and got all sweaty so no super cool pics. Here’s what I have though. These are all instagram pictures because it was too hot and heavy to carry the big camera around.

This Tova is made out of a swiss dot that I found at Joann’s. I liked the lightness of the fabric and thought it would keep me cool in the heat. It was nice to wear in the sticky heat up north. It’s a little busier than I was picturing but I still like the fabric. However, here’s my thing with this Tova. I love seeing the pics of everyone else wearing them, but I feel like when I wear one, I look as wide as a house. Look at the picture of me from behind to see what I am saying. The shirt is so comfortable that I want to not care about the fit, but then when I look at pictures of myself, I am not happy with the result. I made the size medium and was trying to follow all the directions this time, but I did end up taking in quite a bit in the waistline as it was too big. However, it fits perfectly over the bust and around the hips. I don’t feel that I can take the shirt in any more along the waistline because it has no closures so I wouldn’t be able to get it off and on. Anyone have any advice for me? It’s a bummer to see so many other cute Tovas and feel that mine is a bit inferior. Maybe this pattern is just not meant for me?


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