More Pillows

The pillow frenzy is finished for now. I completed two more pillows and it makes me so happy to sit in my cheery living room!

I really wanted to quilt the patchwork pillow above, but time is a little lacking right now, so quick and easy needed to prevail. Therefore I threw it together with another envelope back- so convenient! I may eventually quilt it but for now it is fine. This pillow came with my couch and while it is huge- 23 inches square- it is a fun way to showcase a big design.

Lest you think my sewing experiences are all happy ones, this is what happens when you are in a hurry and trying to finish before nap time ends- pillow front sewn wrongside to pillow back…enter seam ripper. Oh well, such is the life of the sewist.

Next on the agenda, vests for my little nephews in a wedding this May. Hope to have those to show you by Thursday or Friday!


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