KCWC Days 3 and 4

Check out the Flickr group for some great inspiration! I am excited today because finally I have some finished products to display!

Day 3

  • Finished treasure pocket shorts! I am so excited with how these turned out! I used the treasure pocket pants pattern from the Sewing for Boys book. I do not have the book yet (boo!) but I have this pattern because I took a class at Whipstitch (best fabric store ever!) a month ago to learn how to make these very pants. They are perfect pants for my crazy little boy. I wanted to make an outfit for Oliver’s birthday party and since I’ve had success shortening other pants patterns, I thought I would try this one. End result- love it! Other random details: I wanted to make a flat front so I only added elastic to the sides and back. If I decide to do that again, I will shorten the front sides of the pants to make them lay better. Fabric: the blue/white is a linen cotton blend I picked up at the clearance section of Whipstitch last month and the solid blue is Kona cotton. I really wish I had a fabric store close by that sold this linen or cotton/linen blend because it is my favorite for summer kid’s clothes right now!



What happens these days as I try to fit clothes to him and get a good picture…


Day 4

  • Finished appliqued onesie. Notes about this: I had a brain lapse today (must be the 3 hours of sleep last night- please come in soon molars!) and used fusible interfacing instead of fusible adhesive. Oops. At least my appliques stood up nicely as I sewed them to the onesie. Since this size is almost too small for him, I’m not really worried about it holding up a long time. Also even though I pinned, the number is a bit crooked. Oh well, I had no time to fix it, so I accepted my mistakes and moved on.


  • Finished birthday hat! I got the idea from a Pinterest search and combined several different ideas to make my own style. I hope it will stay on his head for more than 2 seconds so I can get some good pictures of it!


  • Finished one circle skirt. I threw this together as my minutes were ticking away and you can see the result of that rush- not very professional looking. The elastic is kinda dirty and I wasn’t sure how far up to sew it to the skirt. For the rest of these skirts, I will take the time to read the tutorial thoroughly and take my time pinning and sewing! Lesson learned I guess.


Tomorrow’s list

The weekend will be super busy as I clean the house for company and make lots of food for the birthday party, but I am going to try to squeeze in my sewing time!


3 thoughts on “KCWC Days 3 and 4

  1. Hi, came here from sewing for boys flickr – i was thinking of doing a flat front shorts as well, thanks for the heads up! I love how yours turned out!

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