KCWC Days 1 and 2

I should have done more preparatory work if I wanted to end up with finished products every day, but I’m happy with the progress I’m making. I hope by the end of the week to have finished off quite a few projects. I am making multiples of most items because I find that it takes only a little more time to make 4 bibs than 1 bib.

Day 1: Is this all I accomplished in an hour? Wow, an hour’s time does go by quickly.

  • Cut out material for 4 baby bibs.
  • Cut out fabric for 6 circle skirts
  • Cut out treasure pocket pants pattern



Day 2: Today’s hour had to be spread out over 2 sessions because I have a feverish little boy who had trouble staying down for his nap:(

  • Overcast all edges of bib pockets and sewed one bib together completely- I am using the basic bib pattern from Simple Sewing for Baby and decided that this one layer is too flimsy with the flannel so for the remaining 4 bibs, I will sew 2 layers together.
  • Cut out Treasure Pocket Pants (actually these will be shorts) and sewed pockets. I realized I’m not too happy with the juxtaposition of these 2 fabrics so I changed the pocket material to a solid blue in order to be less busy. I will use the pocket fabric I cut out to make another pair once I find a coordinating solid to go with- Hubby says find some orange linen. We shall see. Bummed that I don’t have any solids in my stash to match but must move on. I hope that soon my town will get more variety of fabric stores so I can easily pick up linen and such when I need it…Hmmm…maybe that would be a bad thing for my wallet:).


Goals for Day 3:

  • Finish one pair of treasure pocket shorts
  • Make Birthday Crown for the little man’s party on Saturday.

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