Quilt Squares for the Guest Book

As I am the resident quilter in the family, my sister in law called me a few months ago to discuss an idea she had for her wedding. She wanted to know about the possibility of creating a guest book out of quilt squares. I had never heard of the idea, but immediately loved it- where was this idea when I got married?! I told her that I would research it and send her the ideas I found.

After spending some time on Pinterest, I compiled several different ideas and options on a Pinterest board and sent it to her for review. We decided on a simple patchwork style. She told me her favorite colors and patterns, and I went to the fabric store to find the right fabric. I found a mix of prints and solids. At the wedding, people will sign the lighter colored squares with fabric markers, and later I will mix and match those signed squares with the coordinating prints. She has also asked for a big monogrammed square in the middle of the quilt. The final quilt will have 9 inch squares and be queen sized so they can put it on their bed if they wish. I am so excited to see how the final product will turn out! What a great way to preserve your wedding memories!

Quilt squares all cut and ready to go

guestbook table all set up

basket of unsigned squares

instruction slate and basket for signed squares

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4 thoughts on “Quilt Squares for the Guest Book

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