Happy Blogiversary to me!

Today is my two year blogiversary! Hard to believe it’s been two years since I started this blogging experiment. I thought it would be fun to go back and look at a few of the very first things I blogged. This is back before I really knew anything about photography so please excuse the lack of great photos…

First sewing project blogged: my Tova Tops that I sewed along for Rae’s Spring Top Sewalong 2012… This was my one of my first selfish sewing experiences and I have learned so much since then! I am hoping to try that pattern out again sometime because I really like that shirt style and think I could do a better job now that I know more about clothing construction.tova 2



Then it was the spring 2012 Kid’s  Clothes Week Challenge when I made Oliver’s first birthday outfit: appliqued onesie, treasure pocket shorts and a birthday crown. Look at little baby Oliver- sniff!



Another pair of treasure pockets was next on the list…153

The last project I wanted to show is my favorite quilt to date: my hand-quilted pinwheel quilt. All that hand-quilting paid off because it’s still my favorite quilt to snuggle up under on the couch! closeupSo that was a fun look back (in my opinion at least ;) ) at the beginning of my blogging journey. Even though I know that I have much to learn still, it is encouraging to see how my writing and photography skills have improved. Excited to see where another two years will take me!

Perfect Pattern Parcel #2: Hosh Pants

perfect pattern parcel TwoHave you heard of the Perfect Pattern Parcel? It’s a really unique way to bundle and sell independent patterns. They collect a group of sewing patterns and offer them as a bundle for a two week period of time. When you check out, you choose how much to pay and based on that, a portion of your payment not only goes to the designers, but also goes to support children’s education though Donor’s Choose. Parcel #1 was a collection of women’s sewing patterns and Parcel #2 is a collection of clothing patterns specifically designed for little girls. And boy am I bummed to not have any little girls to sew some of these patterns for!untitled-3

How cute are those patterns? amiright? So you’re thinking, what do I have to do with this sale because I only sew for boys? Well just so happens a few of these patterns work for boys as well so I got the opportunity to sew up the Hosh Pants by Lou Bee Clothing as a part of the blog hop.


I used some stretch gray twill for the pants. I like how they look like dress pants but are comfy like yoga pants. And Oliver likes that he can take them on and off by himself. The pattern was a cinch to sew up, and I really like unique way she constructed the waistband pieces to make it very easy to use buttonhole elastic and also have a flat front.

My only complaint is that the backside is way to big for Oliver. I had to cinch the elastic super tight to get the pants to stay up so now he’s got some funny-looking gathers back there (which thankfully you don’t really notice under a button down shirt). This is my fault because I made him a 3T when based on his measurements he could have fit into a 2T. I would not recommend sizing up on this pattern! Next time I will make the 2T with the 3T length and maybe still take a bit of the rise out of the bum. I think this is only a problem with super skinny little kids (poor O has no bum!) as most people have not had this problem with the pattern.


I was going to make him some chambray shorts for his Easter outfit but now I’m thinking he will wear these pants because it will probably be a bit chilly at our outside sunrise service (hopefully we can get ourselves and both boys out the door that early! lol). The orange button down and shoes are from baby gap as the other part of O’s Easter outfit.


So you see, you can get double use out of this Parcel for your girls and your boys! It’s only available through tonight and then the bundle will be gone forever so go check it out!


spring kcw wrap-up

I’m back for my final wrap-up for spring 2014 Kids Clothes Week. I made a little collage to show off my total clothing counts. Click on the collage to go to a list of all my kcw blog posts.

PicMonkey Collage9

I really enjoyed the push to make as much of Oliver’s spring wardrobe as possible within a week. I was actually sad to not get more sewing time because I kept getting more tee and short variation ideas.
My main takeaway from this week was how much easier and quicker my serger made things. Don’t know why I waited so long to learn to use it. I even re-threaded it twice! (pats self on back). I also think it took my sewing to the next level and made my clothes look more store-bought. And lest you think I’m a sewing machine (see what I did there? ;) ) by Monday afternoon, my kcw adrenaline rush had worn off and I collapsed on the couch during the boys’ naptime! I have got quite a busy sewing/blogging schedule the next month though so I am glad to have gotten my energy back today and gotten back into things! I’ll be back on Friday with something fun to share.

spring kcw: red geometric raglan and khaki shorts

raglan tee, khaki shorts6

Whew, I just barely got in my hour today. With us having church on Sunday, it tends to be a crazy day, and in the past I don’t think I’ve ever gotten my KCW hour in. But I was determined to do it this spring because I had one more outfit I wanted to get done! In taking the photo shoots this past week, I realized that Oliver needed a pair of plain khaki shorts that would match with all his colorful tees. I got this finished right as the sun was going down, and we ran outside to snap a few pics before we lost all our light.

raglan tee, khaki shorts

For the shorts, I (yet again) used Dana’s kid shorts pattern with the flat front and patch pockets. I really wanted to do something fun with the pockets and add some piping or bias tape like I did with the numbers one, but then I realized that would defeat my purpose of making shorts to match with every outfit. So they’re kinda a bit boring but practical. At least they have some pockets for treasure-keeping. I may go back and add some patch pockets to the back to give some more interest. The material is from an old pair of Ian’s pants that were in the upcycle bin. We really got some use out of that upcycle bin this week! Glad that I can now justify keeping all those old clothes around “just in case!”raglan tee, khaki shorts3

The shirt is one of my faves from this week. (do I say that about every one? lol) I got the abstract geo print from the Fabric Fairy using a gift card (incidentally at the same time I got the stripes for this tee). The fabric is a cotton lycra blend and I really like the weight and feel of it. I have been collecting different types of knits over the last few months and getting a feel for the type I like and the type I am not as fond of (basically not a fan of poly blends even if they are cute).

raglan tee, khaki shorts2

I used the raw-edged raglan pattern from Sewing for Boys for the tee but made it without the raw edges. I added the white raglan sleeves to break up the abstract print a bit and then freezer paper stenciled the camera. I knew I needed to add the stencil so that my husband would be ok with the tee since he wasn’t a huge fan of the red print. I just knew it would look good though if I used it the right way! Glad my intuition was right this time. And he agreed that it looked cool once it was all finished.

raglan tee, khaki shorts4

And that’s a wrap for kcw y’all. It was a fun week and I made a lot of cute clothes. I think O’s wardrobe is looking pretty good for this spring/summer. I am surprisingly not burned out from sewing like a mad women, but I am looking forward to not having the photo-shoots/picture editing/blog writing every evening! I’ll be back in a few days with my final thoughts on this kcw and a roundup of all my clothes! Hope you had an enjoyable week, and even if you didn’t get done all you wanted that you learned some things and enjoyed the kids clothes sewing community! Make sure you check out the community website and browse all the fun clothes made this week!
kid's clothes week

spring kcw: triangle tee and number shorts

numbers shorts5

Y’all I am in love with these shorts. I know they are just a wee bit crazy, but seriously, soooo cute! Right? Please just answer if you agree with me, ok? ;) Shorts are made from this fun Citrus Numbers quilting cotton print I got from Tactile Fabrics after winning a giveaway from Sew, Mama, Sew. I wanted to make a few pairs of easy, lightweight play shorts for O, and this fabric just jumped out at me begging me to be shorts. :)numbers shorts3

I used Dana’s kid shorts pattern again (3T) but this time just did a full elastic waist since they are meant to be play shorts and not dressy. I also happened to have this orange bias tape in my stash, and I think it adds the perfect touch to the shorts. Easy, fun, done. (Boba Fett shirt blogged here)numbers shorts2

numbers shorts7

Shirt is the flashback skinny tee but tweaked just a bit to be color-blocked. Guess I’m kinda into that now, huh? I also added the aqua pocket for just a pop of color. Thanks to all those who weighed in on my IG post asking for advice on this one! Really happy with how it turned out. Triangles are the infamous Girl Charlee triangles- made quite popular after winter kcw and the Bimaa hoodie. Black fabric is from an old dress of mine in the upcycle bin. (Hey, I’m really using this mini me theme, aren’t I?!)

triangle fb tee2

triangle fb tee4

When making the shorts this afternoon, I was really hoping they would match with the tee because I wanted to take pictures of them together, but even O couldn’t pull off this duo! So separate photo-shoots it was. Thankfully he was a good sport about it. And I tried to majorly cull the number of pics I put here so you don’t have complete photo overload of the two outfits. You know, I am actually kinda sad that kcw is over after tomorrow because I keep getting more shorts and tee ideas to make. However, my husband and my house will be very happy when Monday rolls around to be sure! triangle fb tee3
kid's clothes week

spring kcw: the mini accountants

kcw spring 2014= fb tees

Well today I had my first sewing casualty- cut off the end of my finger with the rotary cutter. Not cool. :( Thankfully I already had these shirts finished before that happened so I did manage to get my hour in today. Sure hope it heals quickly because it seriously cuts into my sewing mojo. It is also surprisingly hard to type with a bandaged index finger.

kcw spring 2014= fb tees

kcw spring 2014= fb tees

My husband recently starting working for a really cool group called The Iron Yard as their bookkeeper/accountant guru. This is a casual/somewhat hipster environment so everyone wears tshirts and jeans. Ian was able to get some extra-large shirts, and he thought it would be fun if I made shirts for the boys from them. I immediately thought how perfect would this be for our mini-me kcw theme- especially if I could get some photos taken of the boys “working” in daddy’s new space. kcw spring 2014= fb tees

I used the trusty Flashback Skinny Tee for the tees. Oliver’s is a 4T and Eliot’s is 18 months. I lengthened E’s by an inch but otherwise they are as-is. Btw did you forget I had another son? I know he’s gotten sadly neglected this week but as the curse of the younger brother, he has so many clothes while O had none. Enter one shirt made for the little brother= mother guilt assuaged for now. Also please ignore E’s blotchy face. My sensitive skinned child is having a reaction to the pollen flying around outside.

kcw spring 2014= fb tees

Whew, I’m exhausted now. Photoshoots with two kids- not so easy as those with just one! Still two more days of kcw left to go and I’ve got two shirts for sure to show you and I’m hoping for another pair of shorts! We will see. Don’t give up over the weekend- find that hour somewhere! kcw spring 2014= fb tees

kid's clothes week


spring kcw: boba fett and green shorts

RaglanTeeGreen Shorts

the dinosaurs came along for our photo shoot today. I think they had fun. ;)

You tired of seeing shorts and tees yet? Well I hope not because that’s what I’ve got for you again today. Far from being bored myself, I actually keep coming up with more and more tee ideas! Which is good because what I get done this week composes a good deal of Oliver’s spring/summer wardrobe.

RaglanTeeGreen Shorts2

For the tee, I used the raw-edged raglan in a size 4/5 from Sewing for Boys again. I like the pattern pieces of this tee, but, as a side note, I follow a lot of the instructions of the Flashback tee in the construction of this shirt. After this week I think I will be able to sew tees in my sleep! Oliver has two long-sleeve Star Wars shirts and would be happy to wear one or the other every day, so in planning his summer shirts, I knew that I would need at least one Star Wars one. Boba Fett happens to be my little brother’s favorite character so he was an easy choice (Oliver loves to be like Uncle Alex). My second time freezer paper stenciling was even easier than the first! This could get addicting. LOL. The white fabric is a jersey knit from Hobby Lobby of all places. They actually sell 100% cotton jersey, and I was really happy with it in my maternity tee last year, so I got some more to try out with Oliver. The sleeve fabric is from an upcycled tee- yay for using existing hems!

RaglanTeeGreen Shorts5

The shorts are my third pair of Dana’s Kid Shorts this week. This time I used some green denim I found in the remnant bin at Joann. There was a 1/2 yard bundle, and it was exactly what I needed to make these shorts. Flat front/elastic back again. I wanted to make some cargo pockets so I took the box pleat pocket piece from Rae’s Parsley pants pattern and sewed it to the bottom of the shorts. The denim was thicker than I had anticipated, so it was a bit tricky sewing all those layers of pleats in the pockets, but I’m really happy with how they turned out. Oliver is at the age where he loves pockets, and it’s fun to give him some to put his treasures in.

RaglanTeeGreen Shorts4So that’s it for day 4. I have a fun photoshoot planned for tomorrow afternoon for my mini-me entry. If all goes well, you’ll get to see both boys and their daddy in some pictures. Fingers crossed for good naps and happy pictures!RaglanTeeGreen Shorts3

What about you? How is your list going this week? Are you burnt out yet from sewing like crazy? I’m trying to pace myself so I’m not an exhausted, cranky mess by Sunday night! Oh and by the way, yesterday’s outfit is featured on the KCW blog today so go check it out and see all the other cool boy outfits she rounded up!

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